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August 12, 2005 

Hello again everybody,
I just wanted to stop by and give another update on how we are all doing. As most of you should know, Jase used to do realestate when we lived in Utah. When we moved here Jase was planning to transfer his liscense here, we haven’t so far because we haven’t had much use for it yet. Well now we do, Jase just received news that some associates that he knows are looking for some property to purchase. That was just the oomph he needed to get his liscense transfered, so yesterday he took his first course in Hawaii Laws. So helping his former associates to find some properties will help us save up to someday buy ourselves a home. This is very exciting for us, we just had to share the news. We hope everyone is doing great, we can’t wait to your blogs too,
rach, jase, klai, ry

p.s. pictures taken by mom when she was here in may

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