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Hee hee, As most of you have noticed I don’t Blog very often, I think it is because we forget that we have a blog….so we are going to update everyone. This last month, November, was a very eventful month and we had lots of fun. So here are just a few pictures of our adventures. Our first is in the bathtub where the giggles never end. I have decided that having 2 children are easier than one,__ is so easily entertained when___ is around. This picture displays that perfectly. Our second picture, to the right of “bathtub babies”, is just enough said. Jase has become friends with some people who have really short hair. So on our 2nd Thanksgiving day he decided to cut it, and this was taken between our start and finish with the hair cut. The next photo underneath,”random hair cut”, is our “first family Tree photo” this year. We decorated the tree a week or so before Thanksgiving and I couldn’t help but taken lots of photos next to the tree. Our last photo is “rolling out dough.”___ is at such a fun age, she wants to help all the time and when we are making treats she wants to know exactly what is going on. So this day I had her help me roll out the dough for my pie crusts. We had lots of fun, especially when we ate them. Thanks for letting me tell my stories…..
so it’s never too late to Blog.

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  1. Leslie

    Yippee! I love pics and those girls are looking so cute! Can’t wait to see more.

  2. Nikki

    I love the photos. Klai and Rykel are so cute laughing in the tub!

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