Rachel Bennett

I just had one of my top two fishing days ever this morning. Here is a bit of a events timeline.
At 5:00 got up got my stuff, put the kayak on the car, drove to an undisclosed location, unloaded the kayak and the gear, paddled about 2 miles (might be less but it felt like 37 3/4 miles)and got to our "spot."
I got the kayak situated, and then looked up (down actually) and saw a school of "ulua" (giant trevally, jacks, are the other names for them)
I freaked out, jumped up and down, squealed like a girl (not that there is anything wrong with that!!), got my rod ready, and cast my rapala into the deep blue................................................. within 2.12 seconds i had a papio (juvenile ulua 2-3.5 lbs) i fought him for 30 seconds and then chris was screaming something 400 octaves too high to be audible to the human ear. and then it hit me ... i saw a dark shadow emerge from the deep and then it clicked ...chris was screaming SHARK!!!!! It was righ tbehind MY fish. so i started pulling (not reeling) my fish in( it actually became easier once the fish saw what i was pulling him away from) and the shark turned away ten feet from the boat, in five feet of water. I gave chris my rod and told him id rig him up while he fished. Well he tossed in a few times, and on the second cast chris caught his first oceanic, edible fish. he was hooping and hollering about his fish, until he heard me scream bring it in bring it in, that shark, wait........those sharks want you r breakfast! he reeled in so quick that he was panting afterwards. so i gave chris his rod.....still not hooked up, and threw mine back in. within seconds i saw the whole school of papio raise up from beneath, and started making passes at my lure. i finally hooked one, and then i saw the dark shadow(s) raise up from the deep right behind my fish and they were taking bites at him. i would tug the fish whenever they got near. sharks close their eyes right before eating, and my fish lucked out (but ended up on my grill an hour later. well that happened 5 more times that morning. we had a full bucket, and decided to just sit, talk and enjoy our predatory paradise. well here are a few pics of the event. excuse the lack of quality of the was a $5.00 water cam from walmart. CAN YOU RECOGNIZE MY FRIEND?

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