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shark fest

We had such a great time we left at 3:00 am this time (not much better than 5:00, but we had to try it)
Well we got out there in the dark of night. we lost our marker and over paddled by 200 yrds. but we got there got rigged up, and ready before sunup. At sun up i caught the biggest ulua i have ever caught. we were handling the line and bringing him up, he was so heavy that he snapped my hook,. and went the way of the ocean.
2. my second cast i caught a fish longer than my arm. after 6 min of playing him, and him jumping allover the place.....snap. my line got chewed through.
3. Third cast i caught the same typefish (still trying to figure out what he is) after 1 min. of playing him i saw a wake behind my fish. so when the fin rose up and was chasing my fish he went crazy and i was trying to help, but he jumped outta the water and the shark was there and he came outta the water a bit too, and caught my fish in his mouth. That didnt break my line and my reel was getting spooled at a rate of multiple yards per second, and then chris got my knife and as per my request cut my line. we all took a breath laughed, cried, and moved on.
We caught 5 papio, and and had multiple shark encounters. At the very end i was reeling in my lure, and there was two sharks fighting over my lure. I had to yank it outta the water to keep it from them. Joe took a photo of it. i hope it will be big enough to see them.

the lure is in the middle bottom of the pic, the shark is right behind thelure. and two more sharks are back and to the right about 5 feet or so.

these wernt the biggest wi but they are the only ones the sharks would let us keep. darn those rats of the sea!

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