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The Crap Nap,
I bet you all are thinking what is a crap nap? huh? .....well those that do have kids, will know all about this. This is where the morning goes great, the kid has a good activity, they run around, lunch is good, the child may even start to look drowzy. So with all these indicators, the parent assumes that it is time for Nap! So you do your nap time process, you leave the room thinking "oh yeah in a couple minutes, they'll be out for hours." Then as you leave, the sqwauk!! A little Peep! The door shuts, you wait and wait...silence. AAAHHHH!! RElief, it is now Mommy time. But wait what's that I hear, what........"MMMOOOOMMMMMMMMMMYYY!!" Oh no, what did I do wrong, did I forget the blankie? story? song? more songs? No we did all that, so you decide to wait. Don't go in, that makes it worse. Wait and wait, finally the noises stop. Now it is nap time. So you're feeling confident that the child is down for the count. So a little time passes, you start to get your tasks going, you are thinking I am going to have a good 2-3 hours of work/projects finished. Then again...all of the sudden........"MMMOOOOMMMMMMMMMYYYY!!!" You look at the clock and some time has passed, but only 45 Minutes. What is that child doing you are thinking? You try and wait it out again, you think maybe if I threaten the child they will sleep, No I'll just wait. But no, the talking doesn't stop, you then hear the toys being thrown about, and then the screams for one child has pushed another, more yelling mmmooommmmmmmyyy. So you give in, the children must come out, because there is no more hope for a nap....and what is this.....A CRAP NAP!!

I am at a loss of thoughts and ideas to help remedy the CRAP NAP, if you have any answers, please, input is needed.

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    3 comments on “THE CRAP NAP”

    1. 1. Bring in the carseats with the 5-point harnesses.
      2. Strap children into the carseats which are strategically placed in front of the television.
      3. Place a sippee cup of milk and a piece of bread in their hands.
      4. Put coma-inducing movie on for children--like Baby Einstein.
      5. Sleep on couch with the remote in close proximity to rewind and start again.
      6. REPEAT daily throughout each pregnancy. Add more carseats as necessary.

    2. i was reading this to Justin and he was still waiting for the punch line for when your kids had pooped the bed, those are the only crap naps we have around here....so far!

    3. Hmm... 45 minutes sounds pretty good to me. Crap naps around here are when they are only 5 minutes long and there is no return. Although, when pregnant, 45 minutes feels like 5. 🙂

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