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Hello everyone,As you all have heard we had an Earthquake!! And who would of thought. Well we definately didn't think that an earthquake could happen without being affiliated to a volcano, but I guess we were wrong. We were awakened Sunday morning to our bed rocking back and forth. I thought it was Jase or the girls shaking the bed. But no!! It was an earthquake. Soon after the power went out. We had no idea what was going on. We called who we could that had power to figure out what went wrong. The circuts were busy for a while. We then got word that there were 3 quakes, instead of just the one that we felt. We listened to the Radio and found out that the Big Island had received a 6.6 Earthquake and we were getting after shocks. Our aftershock was a 4. something. And the Big Island had received 13 aftershocks. But surprisingly they only lost power for a few minutes to an hour. We unfortunately had no power all day. AFter finding out all the facts, we were finding ourselves unprepared. We had some 72 hours kit stuff ready, but not everything that needed to be there. So we made a plan and are still getting everything ready for that. We also discovered neighbors that had a generator and was nice enough to let us plug our fridge and freezer in for an hour everyother hour. That helped us to save our food and those that put their stuff in. We have definately been blessed for this to be so minor. We were very afraid that a Tsunami was on the way, but nothing did happen. We feel that this was a big eye opener for what we need to do to be prepared for any situation. But all is well, we mostly spent the day playing games with family and friends and also having great conversations. We hope that we will be fully prepared next time.

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    3 comments on “EARTHQUAKE!!”

    1. That is so scary! There's nothing like a natural disaster to help you get your emergency preparedness in order. We're all glad you're doing well and weren't harmed.

    2. I can't believe what a big earthquake you all had. I was so glad to hear that the power got back on and there wasn't a tsunami. Hope all is well there.

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