Rachel Bennett

A Farewell to the Belly

Yes this is true, tonight is my last night with a belly..(atleast for another year or so). We went to our doctor and she said that I am dilated enough to have a baby, so since my contractions are not long lasting we have decided to induce....tomorrow!! Although I know it is easier to take care of baby inside the belly, I will enjoy my first 2 hours of real sleep in my own body. And we will get to meet the first boy of the fam. How exciting!! Let's take a poll to see how much he will weigh...I am guessing that the child will be 8lbs & 2 oz. Please feel free to post your opinions, winner of the poll will be first to receive photos....which may take atleast a few days. Also I am betting that this child will have blonde hair and light eyes. Others oppose my thoughts. Well I must say that I am excited to know that there is an end to waddling. Until next post....wish us goodluck!

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    12 comments on “A Farewell to the Belly”

    1. 6.11 19.5 inches long. bren will look like Ry bread

      7 lbs 6 oz , 19 inches. Eyes: brown. Will look like a Hawaian version of his uncle Justin, except not so chubby, and more like a mix of Jase and Rach

    2. ok, so that wasn't really clear...i didn't mean to say that i will look like was supposed to say that it was from me and that shae will look like rykel. i forgot the period. and justin thinks he's funny...just give him a good courtesy laugh. that'll do.

    3. He will be dark, olive complection, a little bit of dark brown hair...there is still a possiblity he wont have the boy part and actually be a she..hahaha but he (or she) will weigh 7 lbs 6 oz.

    4. That is so exciting!!!! Hope everything goes really well and we meet our little nephew soon. My guess is 8lb40z (like Christian was).

    5. 7 lbs. 15 oz. three stitches

      Ash brown hair like Henry's at birth with furry shoulders and back.

      Dark, dark brown eyes like Bun's.

      Bum-dimple like his Momma (hahaha)

      reddish skin that will fade for the next few days and then gradually get darker by six months.

    6. okay, so my guess is 7lbs 4oz, blonde with dark eyes, and 19 inches long, cute, cuddly, loveable, energetic (don't know where he would get that from) and absolutely wonderful! by the way this is mom

    7. is it "closest without going over" like on the price is right?? if so, i am going to bid a dollar and say he'll be smaller than all these guesses, and even cuter, too.

    8. If it's not too late, we'd like to put our estimate on this matter. We say that the new keikikane will be 6 lbs 13 ounces and be 19 inches in length. He will have dark brown hair, sort or curly, no unibrow, Head shape like Jase, and a slightly blueish lower backside the shape of the BYU "Y". He'll also be very cute. Go "Cougars"!

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