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us(shand thalyn, klai, me, bren and kinnon) near the top of waterton falls. that isn’t
the laie bennetts staring at the waterton fall from the bridge. you can see the water flying at our faces.

Immediatly after this photo. klai stepped off of a curb, and got rocks imbedded in her lip and really scuffed up hands. sad for her but she is al better now. This was at the end of our trip, but there will be many more photos to come.

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  1. brenley

    that is the sweetest picture! shows all of your personalities soooo well! love it!

  2. John and Lindsey

    how fun! Klai and I now have something else in common- I had a rock enbedded in my mouth from falling off a curb until I was 8!
    We want more pics!

  3. uslimes

    you can totally see the water flying at you! that is what got the lens all wet! it was so annoying, but so worth the funny photos! i love it!

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