Rachel Bennett

vita-mixers beware!! skin graft to the rescue

One morning very early i went outside and picked a few limes, and a papaya. I went inside, got some carrots, strawberries, ice, honey, and concentrated apple juice. I threw it all in the vita-mix, flipped the switch, stuck in the "ram-rod" and in an instant I almost lost my hand, and re-broke my wrist! I turned the bugger off and wondered why the thing went crazy on me. It only took about .15 of a second to notice that the lid for the vita-mix was sitting so carefully placed that it was camoflagued (spelling beats me) into the counter top! I had forgotten to put the darned lid on, and thus the ram rod went way too far into the "blender," and chewed the bottom of the rod off!
I had heard of this happening to "people" (no names to be mentioned bren) and thought that there is no way I am going to spend the $15.00 +$15.00 for shipping just so that I can jam some berries into a blender blade. I have had many successful years of blending with-out the use of a modern creation such as this!
Well after a few attempts without the rod, I came to the conclusion tht it was imperative that I use it. After a few uses I realized that food gets stuck inside the rod, and rots after a while.......what to do ....what to do.
I had an Idea I got a butane lighter (more than a lighter, and less than a blow torch) and heated up the end and started to heat up the plastic. EUREKA I had found it! So as I was melting the rod back together I had run into yet another snag. I needed more plastic to fill the void that I had created by running the rod int a blade that was turning at 5,000,000 rpm!
I had another idea! I cut the plastic off of another nonimportant section of the rod, and grafted it to the wounded section. Well I would not go and work in a burn center, but hey I did a fairly good job. Not to pretty to look at but the functionality is gorgeous! (might even be more aerodynamic too!)

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    9 comments on “vita-mixers beware!! skin graft to the rescue”

    1. it looks beautiful! i wish there was a physician such as yourself near me....mine needs help too! oh wait, everyone knows that now because someone mentioned my name already! i was the first loser! and an even bigger loser because mine is still sitting in the drawer waiting to be fixed...where might i find a butane lighter?

    2. yes it was "almost re-broke" I said almost lost my hand and should have added another added to the wrist part. How lame would that have been? so jase how did you brake your wrist? "well my blender got a bit out of hand, and well...."

    3. way to go, macgyver! ingenious and innovative. you are so resourceful and clever. and i guess you have a steady hand too. so, serious congrats. if ever i need a plastics surgeon, i will give you a call!

    4. Wow, that looked like a good job of reshaping the remaining rod. Hope the wrist heals well and won't affect the golf swing. Take care. Also great pictures of girls. How innocent and contented they look. bye.

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