Rachel Bennett

The fight continues...

Well last night after doing much remodeling we were too tired to go to Foodland and retrieve more traps. But we did have one trap left in our stash. So we set that trap, even though I'm sure we will need many many more. We cleaned more and more and then went to bed. Suprised that nothing happened within the first 1/2 hour of going to bed, it was much easier to fall asleep last night. But once again awoken by the sound of SNAP CLACK CLACK CLACK (the bugger dragging the trap around my kitchen floor). So I sent Jase out to smash the thing before it gets away. He couragously grabbed his Tahitian weapon of war and opened our bedroom door quick as can be. He sneaked around the corner and jumped when he realized the rat was much closer than expected. I, too tired to jump into action, am anxiously waiting the news of a dead rat. Then SMACK clack clack, SMACK squeeeeelllll, SMACK....dead rat. And all we have to say it ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST.

Yes for those who are worried for our health and sanity, we have called Terminix to come and kill every little bugger than has more than 2 feet in our house...excluding the dog.

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    9 comments on “The fight continues...”

    1. i'm glad rusty will still be considered a member of you family. maybe you should get a cat:D (i'm not a cat lover at all though....just to eat your rodents)

    2. So I am glad you keep updating us. I am very interested in all this. As demented as it sounds I kinda wish I was there to partake. But Im sure its not as fun for you because your living in it, but keep me updated. I wanna hear more!! But I agree with Bren, people have told us to get a cat too but i just cant do it, but an outside cat for you would be perfect.

    3. Jase was pretending he was very manly, so the squeel actually came from the rat....but I know that he would have been the one that squeeled if it didn't come from the rat first.

    4. ok, i doubt kenz would REALLY WANT to be there right now. she'd probably vomik all over the ratty mess.

      maybe you should just catch them, give them collars with nametags. i mean, you already have given them food and shelter. the only thing lacking here is immunizations and names.
      maybe i was wrong, you haven't GIVEN them anything. they are STEALING from you. filthy lil' buggers.
      why are they so cute IN stores?

    5. Hey, I didn't vomit when we cought ours and when corey smashed it the "insides" flew everywhere and I just laughed and didn't vomit! It takes a lot to make me vomit! Like being pregnant and having morning sickness lol

    6. exactly. kenz, did you know that you are pregnant and that is why i said you'd vomik there?

      anyway, what has happened with the rats? any more? did terminix come and incinerate the colony? tell me more. tell me more...

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