Rachel Bennett

more rip-out and tear-down

this is a picture of the same area, but the wall and the door overhang divider, and hallway closet have been removed.

Some "little projects" can end up much bigger than you anticipated! That is the case here with our home. the original construction was terribly done. So when i rip out walls and old closets, i expect to rip out, clean up, and then patch! With every closet, and wall here we had to rip out, rip out more, rip out even more, fix old mistakes, add more, and then rebuild completely! there were a couple spots that I riped out a hall closet and the adjoining walls that separated the hallway from the kitchen. Once the closet walls were out i noticed that the ceiling wallboard was not attached to the ceiling like it should have been. I then had to rip out an entire 150 inch X 24 inch section, in another area it was 54"x 24". This has been crazy but rewarding. The other night a renters boyfriend came to the front door, and i opened it. He looked inside, looked out side, and down the street, and counted the home from the chapel to us, still looked baffled and asked I think i am at the wrong house? I said no we just started to remodel today. He said really! wow I am so confused still.
That was a complement to me because I hated the way the old owner jimmy (or Jerry) rigged this entire home together. With a little more aloha this place will be a great place to welcome any of you here.
Oh yeah I need to give credit where credit is due! Usually you have friends that say "yeah i will come and help for sure!" Well such is the case for me. Rach always gets mad at me for not asking for help. Her concern is rightly placed. I have people offer help, yet they "NEVER" show up. I dont want to pry and so I let it go, and sweat a bit more, take a bit longer but have more satisfaction. I have a friend that actually shows up when he says , and gets as much satisfaction (if not more) as I do in seeing a project through to the end. My Friend (now Best Friend, LOL) Is a contractor, and with-out his help the entire roof would have probably fallen on me, while I was getting electricuted. So john if you are out

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    2 comments on “more rip-out and tear-down”

    1. woohoo. sweat and dust! looks like you are doing a great job. a tiresome job, but a great one. way to go!

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