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Hershey's Syrup, Leather Couches & Green Sharpie

Let us all guess what these three things have in common?.......hmmm....think a little harder. Oh yes!! Exactly how it sounds. I was awoken this morning to "honey i need your help, they got hershey syrup everywhere and the green sharpie on the couch!" It wasn't until I heard Sharpie on the couch that I really started running!! As you enter the room the first thing you see is a cup filled with syrup sitting on the window ledge with a spoon on the floor and half the bottle of syrup spilled on the floor. Walking around the back of the couches to the front you see then a big spillage of syrup between the cushions, hand smears on the arms of the chair and running syrup lines down the side of the couch. Then after noticing the bigger accidents you will see right in the middle of one of the cushions on the couch, very green sharpie marks!! Now we just got our couches less than 2 weeks ago, we had a warranty on our other couches and something spilled on them and they couldn't remove the stain, so we got new ones and I thought "LEATHER." I am glad we did get the leather, because almost everything wipes off....almost with the exception of SHARPIE. Now I am unsure on the exact coverage of our warranty but I am pretty sure that it does not include permanent marker. Well as I am very very upset at this situation and trying not to ground my children until they graduate, even though some haven't even started school, Jase reassures me, "it's ok." I have now finished cleaning up all the syrup mess and thinking to myself, I should have taken pictures. But only a person with great composure would think of her camera at this time (hee hee shanda). I on the other hand am now only think about how does one remove Green Sharpie off of Bone colored leather couches. If you have ideas, please let me know.

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    11 comments on “Hershey's Syrup, Leather Couches & Green Sharpie”

    1. so i dunno if it will help but i have used those MR.Clean white brick like things to get sharpy off the walls and it worked Beautifully. So maybe it would work on your couch since its leather. Just an idea. hopefully if it doesn't work you'll find something that will. let me know what works 😀 love ya miss ya

    2. don't worry, i googled it and got a number of responses....rubbing alcohol, aerosol hairspray...someone tried dr.tichenor's mouthwash because of the alcohol content. hmmm, good luck...let me know what works...i'm sure i'll be needing the advice later on in life!!!!

    3. ok, so i read even more and the majority of people say aerosol hairspray....not the pump kind though. hopefully that will work.

    4. no, my comment is the best;) teeheeeheee....
      mom, side with your own blood:D just kidding...nikki, your idea really is the most creative!!!

    5. Oh, I'm so sorry! I nannied for a family and they had black sharpie all over their leather I hope you find a better solution than they did! Good luck!and be sure to post if something works...we'll all be there!

    6. It seems like there isn't a mom or dad out there that gets through parenthood without a sharpie incident. When Christian was 2 he drew all over our brand new computer (keyboard and moniter) with black sharpie. Fortunately, we caught him in the act so some of the ink was even still wet. Rubbing alcohol took most of it off. But I wouldn't try that on leather. Good luck and keep us updated!

    7. i was going to suggest the magic eraser too. sounds magic, right? a few different companies make things like them. they have done wonders for my house.
      but, you may want to have a bit of fun yourself...
      turn your couch upside down and draw some green sharpie on the leather underneath. then, when it is dry try a few different approaches to see what works BEFORE you try it on the visible part of the couch.
      you ask for advice, and you get it. but, try them all out before you go nuts with the couch.
      and yes, i think i would have taken so many pictures. esp. to prove to them just what sort of things they did when they were yittle.
      good luck.

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