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Our Friends son won the Meadow Gold Oahu Healthy Baby contest last year. She encouraged us to try this year. Last minute we decided to go and try this fun occasion. Rykel is very shy lately. We thought that if we start getting our children doing these types of venues, they will get over their shyness, and also learn to act infront of adults.
We showed up at the mall, and saw tons and tons of little kids decked out in every type of outfit you can imagine. The only thing was they all got very shy, and even scared on stage. I was "prep"ing Rykel to her stage "isms." I got her very excited togo on stage and talk to the lady that will give her a present if she would say " my wike jumpn yaks" and then to try a jumping jack. She got on stage and was almost shy, but once the lady brought the mic down to her level she said "ahula" (her version of ALOHA) and continued to say "my wike yumpin yats.) and once she saw klai on the front row jumping up and down in a wild manner, she could do nothing less than commence to shake, and vibrate the stage by trying to get all 33lbs of her beautiful healthy babyness of the stage in a jumping jack like manner.
Once we got off of the stage they gave her a participation certificate, and she was sure that was the coolest thig ever and was well worth the fear.

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    4 comments on “our big lovely”

    1. I can totally see rykel stealing the hearts of everyone there!! She is so adorable. I wish you were all coming out to Utah. But I am glad that atleast rach and shae are coming 😀

    2. that is too funny! i can just picture klai 'jumping up and down in a wild manner' to help her sister out! those two are going to have the funnest future together! so glad ryk stepped out of her comfort zone and wowed the whole crowd! wish i could have been there to cheer her on!

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