Rachel Bennett

do you see what I see?

...is that a cat, is it a Bear?


What punishment do you give a child that gave themselves a mullett?....set them out in public and let people laugh at them?...yeah I thought of that. Tell them they can't go to Hula classes anymore because Boys aren't allowed!? (I tried that..)

Well after trying to fix the mullet problem, we had to cut and cut some more, it's not fabulous..but its not a mullet anymore. SAD the curls are gone.

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    9 comments on “do you see what I see?”

    1. WOW, i have to agree with the above comment!! That is HILARIOUS.. I saw the first picture and went UH OH but then it turned into out loud laughing. Sorry for you it probably wasn't a laughing moment. But thanks for letting us enjoy it as well. Who did the cutting?? And who got it the worste??

    2. i too took one look and went oh no! oh dear - at least it grows. its amazing more things don't get cut. good luck. love you.

    3. I LOVE that look of defiance in her eyes! You guys definately have your hands full! AHhh, those gorgeous curls!

    4. at least shae can claim he has two older brothers now:D

      no, they are still adorable....but still....what where they thinking? i loved those ringlets! mom is right, it will grow.

    5. NO Freaking WAy! hahahaha...exactly why if they were my little girls, I would lock them up in a closet and only let them out when they wore pink and did their hair cute...I am the real mommy...

    6. i want to see more pictures of the aftermath!! see how their hair looks now for sure. what did you do to k's hair? i would be mortified if t cut her hair! or if k cut her hair! well, at least you can try out a bob. or a mullet. they fit right in with e. she has the worst mullet right now! we're bringin' mullets back! actually, down here they never left. i have seen some very fine specimens of mulletinos and mullatinos here. it is a beautiful site to see...

    7. ha ha ha ha ha! I am crying I'm laughing so hard. "Boys aren't allowed." Let them go outside so people can laugh at them? . . . HA HA HA!

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