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Ok, thanks to Molly I have been tagged. Fun Fun Fun!! So here are 6 facts / habits about myself.

#1 - I am obsessed with holidays. I always put my tree on or before Thanksgiving!! I can't wait to put my tree up this year. When will it be...hee hee hee!! tomorrow? Jase might kill me.

#2 - I want at least 6 kids. I was watching some show on TLC and the family had 12 kids, and I loved it. They were all so close and they had a great family balance. I may not have 12 kids, but I would love a goodsize sports team.

#3 - I hate cleaning dishes. I will clean the whole house first and leave the dishes for Jase. We have a good agreement, I do the rest, he does the dishes. If I do clean the dishes, that is probably the only thing that I will clean in my house that day.

#4 - I have successfully converted Jase to "LIKING" dressing up for Halloween, he now likes to think up ideas for the fam too!! Way to go Jase!

#5 - I eat my kids Halloween candy.. As Mom would say, "let me inspect your treats for poisoned candy!" hee hee hee, I have learned a lot from mom!

#6 - I have a problems being right on time to events: Church, School, Hula, movies, etc. I have gotten better, I prepare earlier than I used to, and so I can show up 1-2 minutes late. But I am working on being early...like the Auna's, they are so good at that.

Now that you know 6 things about me, now I am going to TAG 6 people. The Rules: Each player lists 6 facts/habits about themselves. At the end of the post the player then tags six people and posts their names then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Have fun!

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    5 comments on “TAGGED”

    1. okay Rach - this year you loose! Dad already has his tree up in our apartment and has started playing Christmas music. It feels cool enough, but oh my goodness the two of you are a pair! And Christmas in Russia is celebrated January 7th!

    2. You are so funny...I have a friend here you is your holiday twin...she said I was a mean mom because I didn't take Jayden trick or treating. It was funny. She cooked halloween food all month. She totally reminds me of you in that area! I love it! As far as the six kids...hey you're already half way there and only 25 (right?)you rock!

    3. One day I know Troy will LIKE dressing up too - I'm sure of it! For now I'm happy with him tolerating me dressing him up, lol. And I promise I'll get to posting since I've been tagged soon! Happy Halloween!

    4. #1 - I love setting up my tree early too. Now that we have a pre-lit tree I don't have to wait for Danny to string the lights. I may just set it up while he's at work this week. hehe

      #2 - I want at least 7 kids. I could go for 10 or 12 even.

      #3 - Dishes are one of those necessary evils in life. I've learned a lot about accepting dish cleaning and I'm okay with it now.

      #4 - Danny always looks like I'm torturing him when I suggest he dress up or make him dress up.

      #5 - I already have rotting teeth, so I take it upon myself to prevent this from happening to my children by pilfering half of their Halloween candy and using the rest for bribery.

      #6 - For about 4 months after the birth of each child I am late just about everywhere.

    5. yeah!! jase gave me an invite to view your blog. i feel so cool. i am totally there with you on the holiday thing. i have been listening to Christmas music since september. marc thinks i am silly, but oh well.

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