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Jul 10, 2007 | Family Life | 3 comments

I cannot tell you how much I dred hearing this sentence. At this moment in time, it is used most often at bedtime and not often enough in the day. We have felt that Rykel has been for the most part potty-trained for some time now…with the occasional accident, which usually occurs after the pool (totally understandable). Well I guess we underestimated the finalization of being potty-trained. Sunday morning we wake up to a Rykel on top of the covers between us soaking wet, that’s right ON OUR BED! That was actually an easier fix than expected, it only soaked the comforter which we washed. Today I received a call (I was at work and Jase was at home) stating that Rykel peed through out barstools. I know you might be thinking how is that possible, we have the barstools that have the seats that are made like a basket. Nasty..I know. Then a few hours later in the day I receive another phone call stating that she peed over her toys in her room. I went home thinking what have we done wrong, I know her booty is larger than Klai’s and so pulling the undies down and up are a liitle hard, but she should still be able to tell us she needs to pee. Well I had a good talk with her, telling her she needs to almost yell..”I NEED TO GO POTTY!” Well she nodded and then went about her business. Then this evening as I am finishing putting the kids down I ask again do you need to go she responds. I finish with the book, song, etc. Less than 5 minutes pass and at the top of both childrens lungs I hear……I NEED TO GO POTTY!! So I take the child out and take her to the bathroom….wait…..wait…NOTHING! So I have now been suckered into the ha ha I got to come out of my bed. So I put her back into bed and the next child HAS TO GO POTTY!! And you guessed it nothing comes out either. I am loosing my mind, we did this about a year ago and i thought this battle for bed was over. But I guess not. Please if you have any advice to what a too-tired to be patient mom can do to aid in this situation…please help.


  1. i'm erin.

    What I have found works really well is to place the child on the potty chair before bedtime begins. Then I tell them they cannot move an inch until all the potty comes out…because if they have to go potty after they go to bed then the giant potty monster will sniff the potty scent, come find them in the night, and then….

    at this point they will start crying and then you should yell, “for pete sake, Pee dangit!”

    and when your child is sobbing even louder at this point, grab their hand without warning and dunk it in a glass of warm water.

    I have found these parenting tips to be quite useful. For more parenting unsuccesses visit my website and

  2. Nikki

    You know, surprisingly Ethan and Gabby have rarely had nighttime potty requests. Gabby trained in about a week– but I didn’t train her until she was three. And when I fearfully decided to take her out of nighttime pull-ups, she didn’t have any accidents.

    Of course, I didn’t ask them if they needed to go potty right before bed– I told them to. I just said, “We go potty before bed so we don’t have an accident.” And then I’d also tell them, “Everyone goes potty as soon as they wake up.”

    Ethan stayed dry through the night early on– before he would even poop in the toilet. But in the last two years he’s had a couple nighttime accidents. If that happens, I make him strip the bed and help remake it. He’s usually very distressed because his favorite blanket usually gets wet too.

    Producing the product on the toilet? Hmm… I don’t know.

    Nowadays, both Ethan and Gabby can get out of their rooms even with a gate up. And I’m finally okay with that because they know they have to go right back in when they are done. We’re not to that point with Bun though.

  3. Nikki

    I meant to say “Producing NO product on the toilet?”


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