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Remodel Day 1 & 2

Aug 4, 2007 | Family Life | 2 comments

Wall Up

Wall Down

Living Room view from the kitchen. Where the wires are that are hanging from the ceiling, there used to be a wall there too. Living room is primed and ready to paint.

You are looking at the dining room from the living room. Dining room used to have (bedroom) closets in where I am standing, used as a pantry. Those are gone and that gives us an extra foot for table space. Tile in the hall taken out and ready to be sanded.

Here is the update for now, but we are excited that all that happened in two days. So hopefully this next week will be just as productive as yesterday was. But we shall see.


  1. brenley

    wow! you guys are amazing! lots of hard work and it’s going to look great!!! so proud that you are related to me:D it’ll be awhile before we undertake anything like that but now i know who to go to before i start! it is going to look and feel so spacious in there without the wall! good thinking!

  2. The Bennetts

    i can already see a difference. i remember the first time i walked into the front house. i (of course) felt claustraphobic! It will be wonderfully open now! No one can ever say you two aren’t hard workers!!!!!!!
    love you (i’m glad you have someone to help who works as hard as you and keeps his commitments as well too)


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