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Aug 15, 2007 | Family Life, Meal Time | 3 comments

A few days ago when I was cleaning my cupboards I found lots of evidence of rat life. They chewed through two of my tupperwares to get to my bran and flour. The next night they chewed through our rice bag to get to the rice. Right before going to bed I heard a noise in the kitchen so I went out to see what fell in the sink and was horrified to see a rather LARGE rat running across the top of my stove to behind the fridge!! AAAAHHHH. So we set the traps and our Zapper. The next morning we caught the biggy, I was very content. So the next night we did the same set the Zapper in hopes to catch his friends…if he had any. Well we woke up the next morning to nothing. So we thought, he must have been it. Well last night was one of the most unsettling nights for me. Beside the children that have to go potty in the middle of the night, and the dog that taps the door trying to come into our bedroom, it was a long night. We again set the Zapper. Well after I had fallen asleep I was awoken by the slightest sound of scratching…IN MY BEDROOM!! YUCKY. Jase awoke also, we held very still as we debated who was going to turn the light on and find the stinking little bugger. As I lay in my bed I think of the seen from the movie “Ratatouille” you will remember the scene where the ceiling comes down and the whole nest run out of the house. Hundreds of these little bodies scurring across the floor. EEEEWWW!! Well neither of us won and the children had come into the bedroom to tell us they needed to go potty. We jumped out of bed to assist them and also to not step on a rat. We put them back to bed and examined the room. The rat was chewing on my church bag, which I had forgotten to remove a ziploc of cheerios. The whole rest of the night I could not sleep, I was waking up at every little noise or movement of Jase. So tonight we start our attack on Ratatouille-Ville aka Bennett House. Phase 1 – Rat Zapper!!


  1. kenzie

    wow I can’t imagine!! And i thought our little field mouse story was a biggy lol, let me know what ya find. I cant imagine trying to sleep knowing a rat is there. Corey and I stayed up until 3 A.M. to catch our LITTLE guy. GOOD LUCK. let me know what happens

  2. Unknown

    You need to find an exterminator and get some good advice or more–rats are dangerous. They could attack the kids. Or, at the very least, their droppings or even touching one of them can cause disease. You might want to get some dog-friendly cats too.

  3. gurrbonzo

    GROSS! (insert big shudder). good luck!


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Rachel is a vlogger and stay-at-home mom! When she's not filming fun videos for the "Ohana Adventure" and the "Rach Bennett" channels, she is sharing amazing lifestyle, travel, parenting, and homeschool tips here on the blog.

Jase is an entrepreneur, surfer, skater, fisherman, and the best dad ever! When he’s not creating silly Reels (@jasebennett), you can find him sharing adventures on the blog & great entrepreneurial tips on his podcast: The Decode.


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