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Sep 2, 2007 | Family Life | 7 comments

After such a long time from blogging, some are thinking that we lost the battle with the RATS!! But No! We triumphed over the rats, we are pleased to announce. But with other matters, the remodel work continued and so thus the delay in blogging. The last few weeks have been hard, continuous hard work. From the last remodel updates, Jase finished the floor, built an arch, sanded smoothed sanded and painted the arch, painted lots of rooms, built shelving in our walk-in-closet, carpeted the children’s rooms, repainted rooms and redid the floor twice. Yes the floor had lots of issues, for some reason the seal did not set, it chipped lots, so Jase scrapped up the floor, cleaned and restained the floor, resealed the floor…wait a few days…and again it chips. Oh the frustration and lack of funds. So after a few conversations with the floor people, they came out to see what happened, they put a wax on it in hopes that it would not chip anymore. It turned out good as they left and after waiting a few hours and putting furniture down….guess what….it scratches easily. Well $@!#*&%, hee hee just kidding, that’s what we feel like anyways. We just figure when have a few extra dollars we’ll redo the room…again. Anyways the majority of projects are finished, and just a few minor things to take care of. With some strong hands we moved all the big furniture in one night and then the rest of our stuff over the next day or so. So after a week of living in the house, we are moved in!! Well I don’t have pictures of this glorious moment yet, but there will be. But these are the emotions portrayed vibrantly by Rykel…

We’re a little distracted at a few minor fixups that still need to be finished

Feeling a little worried about the upcoming mortgage payment and the increase that we have to pay.

What will we ever do?…

These faces are just to cute, we love her squished cheeks…all four!! hee hee


  1. kenzie

    ok yes, i will say i was getting a little worried. I was so excited when i saw a new post on your blog. I have to admit i look about every day. I just miss you guys so much.. Well we’re glad the most is done with and you can move on to another project :D. Rykel is so cute. Love the faces

  2. The Bennetts

    how did you triumph over the rats? Details we do like details. Oh well, see what you have trained us to want – gross pictures and details about rats. i think on the other hand lets change the topic to your CUTE kids! i like that topic better. can’t wait to see pics of the house either. i’m sure all the hard work will be worth it. love you

  3. brenley

    i knew the floor was having issues, but i thought they were all figured out! that’s a bummer that it still scratches! maybe it’ll make it more antique looking? 😀

    love rykelly belly!

  4. Molly Bea

    Congrats on finally getting to move it! That must feel good. Oh, the joys of remodeling! so are you renting out the back now? Good luck!

  5. i'm erin.

    Spoken in a creepy old lady voice: Come here little girl…come here and give me a kiss. Come here little girl (insert wicked laugh) come here and I will give you a candy. heheheheh…

    way to go on your house. What happened with the peeling orange paint?

  6. Unknown

    Where are the final pics?!?

  7. us*limes

    and cute!
    ok, you WILL take ME on an ichat tour. show me yours and i will show you mine. fair trade?


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