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Halloween Activities

Nov 9, 2007 | Celebrate, Halloween | 7 comments

Our FHE activity was to carve a pumpkin Family.

But no family is complete without a SHAe pumpkin!! hee hee hee, he is so excited to be with his pumpkin family.

Our First Trick-o-treat activity. We always attend the 3rd Wards Halloween Carnival, but this year they did a Trunk-0-Treat. And since we aren’t in their ward, I dressed up as Erin (hee hee, just kidding) It just worked out that way, I had on workout stuff and then I spiced it up a bit with a side ponytail and someone mentioned it that I was Erin and so I went with it. That way they were kind enough to let the girls trunk-0-treat there. But Rykel is the Lion, Klai the Ice Witch and Shae was the wardrobe, you can’t tell but he has a hanger on…I know kinda lame, but it worked. Jase is the fat Armstrong and Jackie is the girl from Nightmare before Christmas…spooky she is the spittin image of her!!

Then we really Trick-o-treated!! Rykel disliked the Lion outfit and found a dressup out fit and we made her Cinderella before the Fairy Godmother comes, which Klai now is the Fairy Godmother and Shae is SHAE. We made it down the street and then Jase felt bad because no one was at our house to hand out candy, so him and Shae went back to hand out.

You may think who are these people and where are we?…well this is the RAIN and we are inside because of the rain. For the past few years it has rained on Halloween, and a good thing too because after 2 huge bags from Costco and 7 bags from Foodland we ran out of Candy to handout. If you notice in the picture, the crazy amounts of Trick-o-treaters even in the Downpoor. We got soaked running from the Church on the corner to our house. But we still got a good enough amount of candy for our youngsters.


  1. i'm erin.

    hahahahaha…I cant believe you dressed up as me! That is a freaking awesome, cool, never can be beat costume! hahahahahaha! I was scarlet (the red piece…THE TRUE WINNER!!!)

  2. Pop

    I love the costumes and I love the trick o treating in the rain. Boy, the rain picture looks like snow because of the flash. You guys did a good job. Now, with Halloween behind us, it’s on to Turkey Day. Have a good day.

  3. Molly Bea

    You guys look great! Hey speaking of Erin…are they still in HI? I thought they went back to the mainland? I need a recipe of hers…maybe you have her chicken sald recipe?

  4. The Bennetts

    wow – great pumpkins. you guys can carve one for me anytime. i am not very creative when it comes to carving pumpkins. though i must say the shaepumpkin face IS THE BEST creation! the girls look adorable. love you

  5. Anonymous

    Great carving! Great creative costumes I entertained the callers alone as Grandpa went fishing up to Idaho. He suggested we give out apples as we had boxes of them from the orchard and we needed to give some away. I polished a dozen up nice and shiny…. four times! They chose apples in stead of candy. Kid sense, huh.

  6. us*limes

    cute, cute, cute, cute, cute! (one for each of you!)
    love it all!

  7. brenley

    jackie does look a little freaky. so creative. shae is the most handsome pumpkin of all – just when i think he has reached his handsome peak…he gets handsomer. what a good lookin kid! love the costumes too. miss you!


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