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More steps to a Christmas Wonderland

Dec 4, 2007 | Celebrate, Christmas | 3 comments

Step 3: appreciate the “frost” on the ground…ok so its DEW but it sure does look like Frost!!

Step 4: Build an awesome, 2 story, double deep 2 car garage, w/white fence & gate, and with palm tree & side bushes….Gingerbread House.

Step 5: Anticipate the arrival of Elfie, our Elf friend that comes to watch over the kids to make sure that they don’t cry or pout and can be caught doing mischievious things…like leaving gifts or making a mess.


  1. brenley

    i LOVE elfie! so smart and a better way to say, “look, elfie sees everything you do and will report to santa!” sometimes i think the santa knows thing is easy to forget…now they have one of his actual helpers watching their every move…smart rach! oh, and i can vouch for the tree being up…i saw it briefly and it is beautiful!!

  2. echo

    i love this idea of elfie!! so awesome. i might have to copy that idea when adelaide gets older.

  3. Nikki

    I’ve shown the kids Elfie. So, they better start being good if they want an elf to come to our home.

    I had a dream last night that all the snow melted and it left beautiful lush green grass like your “frost” picture. But alas, it was only a dream. This morning when I went outside to bring the trash barrel in, I had to drag it through 4 inches of newly fallen snow.


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