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A Party for Shae

Dec 9, 2007 | Birthdays, Celebrate | 7 comments

8 Dozen Cupcakes

30 gingerbread House Kits (party favor)

Some Reindeer Games

Bean BAg toss down Chimney

And a Happy Boy

We initially invited 35 kids plus their parents, so I was fully prepared. Jase kept saying I don’t have to make that much, not everyone will show up. He was right. We had about 10 kids and about that many parents, it was fun though. That just means we have extra food!! Yummy leftovers for us.

This is Shae opening his birthday gifts in the morning as a fam.


  1. brenley

    next time i plan a party i am calling you!!! how fun! i loved seeing elfie – she is so cute! and look at the cute wings on your 1 year old! such a cutie pie! wish i could be there to wish him a happy birthday yesterday and to eat your left overs! yummy!

  2. Natalie.

    He’s a doll! Thanks for the fun last night! You guys are great!! Happy Birthday Shae! Sorry Cardon tried to eat all your cupcakes!

  3. The Bennetts

    i think the best part was hearing Shae try to sing as well. SO ADORABLE. i guess it must run in the family. love you

  4. i'm erin.

    Ummm…I wasn’t even invited and I feel really sad inside. I think that I need alone time in the throne room…not because I am sad, but because I drank so much to get over the sadness and now I just really need to pee…

  5. Unknown

    Sorry I couldn’t come- but thanks for feeding my husband and kids! They had a great time too!

  6. Nikki

    You did a fantastic job on everything! Your reindeer and chimney look awesome! I’m inspired to do a little kid Christmas party now.

  7. Pop

    Great video clip. Shae is so lucky to have is sisters help him open the presents. Great birthday singing by the family.


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