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Dec 12, 2007 | Celebrate, Christmas | 8 comments

So I have noticed that I have been blogging quite often lately. I am excited for so many activities that we’ve been able to do. But this blog is not quite the same. I fear that I may be spoiling my child and not in a good way. I know that at this time of year we are all very excited to purchase or make wonderful gifts for our children just to see their faces on Christmas Day. But I fear that I may be Spoiling my children. I love them so much and I want to give them the best, but maybe I give too much. Today during a “Crap Nap” (if you need explanation, review earlier posts), I went in to see what the rucas was about, and they were playing around..which was fine besides that they needed a nap….But also a child (not mentioned to protect the guilty) had torn a book apart. A paperback, that has been used since the oldest was a baby, a favorite among my nighttime books, this book was completely torn apart. It wasn’t quite the torn apart where a page or two has been removed, it was the cover and all pages torn into little pieces. Now I don’t know if this was done in frustration by the child or boredom. Anyways, I discussed with the child that we do not do these things and that if we can’t take care of the possessions we have, maybe we shouldn’t receive more. Now this statement was mostly used to threaten them into taking better care of their items. So after it is all done…I wonder if I am giving my child too much, that they are bored and want to tear things apart. Or they have soo much that they don’t treasure items. Or maybe it is just the age and I am over-reacting?!! Anyways, it feels good to get my emotions out. So any thoughts or ideas on how one might prevent these things from happening, or if you think “yes you are spoiling your children, please comment!!”


  1. Unknown

    I think you did the right thing- teaching them to take care of things is something that each child has to learn and I don’t think your kids are spoiled at all- you guys are doing really well with them. If our kids ruin things, it gets thrown out and we’ve also thought about taking something else away just to show them that this shouldn’t keep happening. But whatever happens, mom and dad know best!

  2. us*limes

    i have wondered the same thing about us and my kids…
    just think of the movies where you see a kid get a handcarved horse from their dad, and that is all they have and how they take care of it…
    i just don’t know.
    i agree that you are doing just fine. but i think in general, in this day in the us and maybe canada, that many kids have too much and don’t appreciate it.
    too much.
    but at the same time i think that if they didn’t have what they have that they may get bored.
    what to do?

  3. Anonymous

    A little boy decided he needed to have a drink of milk, so he opened the fridge door and proceeded to drag the milk out — but , alas! it spilled ALL over the kitchen floor. A regular flood. His mom came in and said,”Why don’t yoou get your little boat and let’s play and then we will wipe it all up together”. What patience!

    You have darling kids. Keep spoiling them. Maybe you and she could go shop for a new book and show her how precious books are?

    Wish we were there to help spoil them!!! It was fun last year.

    Love you guys, GG

  4. Rach

    GG, thanks for the story, I really liked it. What an amazing mom! I aspire to be like that.

  5. i'm erin.

    BEAT THEM!!! Really is there anything else? come on parents lets all band together!

    hahahahahah….just kidding…well, not really…hahahaha

  6. The Bennetts

    and now you all see why i am so spoiled – i had an amazing, wonderful and EXTREMELY patient mom! gotta love her – you have no choice.

  7. Nikki

    It’s the age and boredom. And “hmm… I wonder what this does? Oooh! That’s a fun sound! I wonder if it will make that sound again! Wahoo! It does! Maybe I’ll try it again. Yes! And wow, it’s colorful confetti now! Ah the wonders of one little book!”

    Tell her that even though she had fun tearing it into tiny little pieces, now you can’t read the story anymore. Next time she wants to tear up some paper just have her ask you and you’ll give her some junk mail to shred.

  8. Jesse

    I am unfortunately not the one to ask such a question. I try to discipline Lilly, but she just laughs at us!!!


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