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Christmas tree

Dec 14, 2007 | Celebrate, Christmas | 4 comments

We have a blank wall in our hallway that was perfect for our Card tree. I’ve been trying to create a cute something to display all the fun cards that we get. So after all the thinking this is what happens. Some ribbon and tape and voila! I love to see all the cards that family and friends have sent.

Christmas Kisses, this time of year always brings out some extra love to those around you.

And of course the face that we all know…a chocolatey licky face….this means something yummy is cooking in the kitchen!!


  1. i'm erin.

    ok, cute tree, cute baby shae, and what in the world? who cut my rykells hair? I leave her with you for a few years and look what you have done. If those girls were mine I would dress them in little pink dresses everyday, put their hair in perfect bows and make them sit perfectly still 99 percent of the time so they would look perfect, during that extra 1 percent of the time, they could go pottie in the toilet…only pottie because cute little girls don’t make stinks….hmm…I wonder when I will be blessed to actually have my own girl…

  2. The Bennetts

    love the chocolatey licky face! and i don’t think anything other than yummy can come out of that kitchen of yours! love you

  3. brenley

    love the tree idea. the top of our tv just isn’t that cute or spacious enough. you are so creative! so shae is adorable and ryk is darling! cute family – oh, and CUTE christmas card!!

  4. Natalie.

    OOOH! Loving the Christmas card tree. You’re a rock star at holiday goforitness!! What lucky kids you have!!


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