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Bead Socks / Tap Dancers

Dec 22, 2007 | Family Life | 5 comments

Bead Socks make our kids do amazing things!! They love to jump around the hear the ching chang of the beads. Klai put on her shoes and decided she was a tap dancer!! We love it, Thanks Nikki.


  1. Pop

    Just love that beaded socks dance. Also thanks go to Nikki for the nice idea. Rykel and Klai sure can dance. Miss you all.

  2. echo

    i totally had a pair of bead socks growing up too! how fun for them.

  3. i'm erin.

    rykell, whos your momma? that is right, I am your momma…and when I take you away to my home in the mountians, you can dance all day long in your little beady socks (insert evil laugh). Summerills are winners!

  4. Nikki

    Your girls are so adorable!! I’m so glad they like them. There’s more to come!

  5. Nikki

    I am obsessed with these socks!! I love to see them on my little girl. But right now it’s cold and so pants and boots hide the socks unless it’s Sunday. Last week I had her wear tights and then the socks over the tights to show off her Christmas socks. But just like Klai, there’s an awful lot of tap-dancing when she’s wearing them.

    It’s so fun for me to see your girls in them as well. I should be sewing pajama pants right now for the kids’ Christmas presents and instead I’m thinking about beading more socks. I dream about beaded sock color combinations!


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