Rachel Bennett

You Decide 2008

So how will you Vote this year?....



There are definately many choices this year..
Male or Female
Black or White
Conservative or Liberal....
HOw will you vote...or maybe you won't at all.

Well this year I think I might actually vote, Jase has really enjoyed getting involved in the debates and learning about the candidates. And it looks like this year will be close, so I'm feeling like participating will actually make a difference this year. So we have become somewhat of activists for Mitt Romney. I really think he has some of the better views on what can help our issues. Now you may not feel the same way, and that's ok. But I'm excited to be part of a change. I'm going to be attending an actual caucus soon, now that's EXcitement!!

So who are you rooting or voting for?

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    9 comments on “You Decide 2008”

    1. romney too! i love all the political excitement and nervousness right now. justin and i check our the rasmussen reports daily as well as intrade to see how they're all polling. so intense! i hope people rally for romney (not my own slogan, heard it on hannity) after the trashy things mccain pulled in florida. voting is so important!!

    2. "or maybe you won't vote at all" ??

      I'm sorry, but if you don't want to vote. . . move to Antarctica. We live in THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA for CRYINGOUTLOUD! Show an ounce of gratitude for the blessing of living in this country and a little respect for the sacrifices of the so many who went before us by giving a DANG about who leads this great nation. Sorry. . . but c'mon people.

      PS- TOTALLY Mitt.

    3. This is the biggest no-brainer ever: Practice teaching your kids to say his name now because he is the real deal and about to make it happen. "Pres-i-dent O-bawm-uh."

    4. I was leaning toward Obama. He is very charismatic and I like his platform. But he doesn't really have any experience. So now it's a toss-up between Mitt Romney and Obama.

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