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I have Gremlins in my bed!!Yes you are absolutely right: little crazy critters that awake at night, make lots of crazy noises, turn lights on (and sometimes off), move furniture around and sneak into my bed!!! I need Pest control to stop this problem.

So since the children were 3 months old they have been sleeping through the night, Klai was fabulous at this, nothing could wake the child. Rykel was always my cuddler and would want to sleep with us, but we made sure we didn't encourage that. Even Rykel was great at sleeping through the night since being a baby. But ever since we started Potty-training this has changed everything!! It used to be once or twice a week that Rykel would wake up needing to go potty, but now it is EVERY NIGHT!! I am going crazy. She doesn't just wake up go potty and go back to sleep. NO, she comes to my bed, crawls in, we shoo her out and then she might go potty. Most of the time she comes back to our bed asking for us to turn on the bathroom light, even though she can reach it with the step stool, then she goes potty, but starts crying because she doesn't want to turn off the light. AAAAHHH!!! Then Klai wakes up because she sees the light on, then she has to go potty because she is awake. Now they need help getting tucked back into bed, straightening blankets, debating about leaving the fan on or off, then lots of questions about when it will be time to wake up and what day it will be when the sun comes up....blah blah blah. At this moment I have been up for 15-20 minutes and now I can't go back to sleep....now being pregnant I sleep in and am groggy throughout the day and must admit that I am not that patient when I am groggy.


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    4 comments on “GREMLINS”

    1. Grr. . . I'm sorry. Tell Rykel she can come climb into Auntie Nat's bed anytime she wants. Richie always falls asleep on the couch and since he's dead to the world (Jase you will quickly learn this after sharing a hotel room with him this week) and I LITERALLY, short of carrying him, can't get him to come to bed, I sleep alone. A lot. 🙁 Rykel, I want a snuggle!

    2. i would suggest putting a lock on the door, but then you would just have her pounding on the door to get out. and who knows who might wake up then?
      good luck.

    3. Oh the joys of being pregnant...everything seems to get harder just because you're getting a poor night sleep anyway! Jayden hasn't slept with us ever permanently...occasionally when sick or travelling. HOWEVER it took us six weeks to break the habit after being on the mainland in circumstances that he had to share with us! Talk about exhausting! I'm so sorry girl!

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