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So after chatting with Nikki and my friend Lindsey about homeschool and preschool and such, I got way excited! So one of the best websites for ideas and curriculum for ages 2 - 7 was letteroftheweek.com and on their site there are ideas for learning boards and such to help the kids remember what they are learning or focusing on that week. So I busted out my Cricut and my scrapbook supplies and made their learning boards. We are pumped, the girls are very enthusiastic, and they love their boards.

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    9 comments on “Preschool”

    1. wow that is a really good idea!!! I love it. I might be calling you for ideas because I really like that. Smart Smart.

    2. wow! i am going to have to step up to the mother plate sooner or later - i am going to have to start teaching my son something! thanks for being a great example - i'll be calling you for ideas:D

    3. I am just catching up on lost time. So exciting to see the wonderful things you create. You are so clever and talented. Your exitment stirs me! Those hugable kids ! Love 'em!

    4. Great idea Rach! I was holding a ball today and jayden said "green" well it sounded more like "geen" however I hadn't realized he knew that! It's amazing how much information their little minds can hold!

    5. Ooooh! I love it! Next time you do something like this. . . CALL ME TO COME DO IT WITH YOU! You're amazing. I SO want to do this!

    6. Fantastic job! I took pictures of our preschool flip-binder. I think Danny downloaded them yesterday. So, I'll get those to you.

      I really like your boards. Very visual. Very helpful.

    7. Those are so cute! I love your ideas. I also love the hearts hanging from the ceiling. I think I'm going to do that this week for our family and the YW party we are having here for V day.

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