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Tragedy Hits Again

When something unexpected happens you do what you can to deal with the situation and try to prepare so it won't happen again, or atleast you will be prepared. Well months ago we had a mini tragedy, Klai cut her hair and some of Rykels off. Not a huge amount, but enough to give herself a side mullet, which we fixed with pony tails and braids. Her hair was just beginning to grow out and I thought to myself the other day, I love these beautiful curls. Then I received "the call." The call that every mother dreads.

"Um Rachel..." Mother of Friend whose name we will not mention
"Yes" Myself, thinking this tone is NOT good.
"The girls were playing...and..." Mother's voice trying to be gentle
"Oh NO, what happened, did Klai hit her..." Myself concerned that my child is becoming too aggressive.
"No, but Klai cut her hair..." Mother very apologetic
"Oh no, it happened again, that's ok, was it a lot?" Myself more concerned that my daughter is playing with scissors.
"Yeah its a lot, and she cut my daughters hair." Mother very concerned.
"Oh NO, I am so sorry!! Do you want me to pick her up now?" Myself, embarrased.
"No I'll drop her off, I'm sorry." Mother very apologetic.

Ok so this conversation led to many conversations with Jase on how we should deal with the situation, so Klai won't cut anyone else's hair. Then the mother dropped her off. Now I was expecting something like last time, some hair off in front and not much in back. Oh how I was wrong. She did everything. She cut all but a tail in the back. And then I saw the friend whose hair was chest length was now cut to a cute bob, CUTE! My daughter on the other hand had turned into a cute boy cut. WEll as for our lecture, it turned more into, that's not safe to play with scissors and I'm sorry that you look like a boy, but your are still beautiful. AFter trimming the hair to look balanced, it hit her as she looked in the mirror. It broke my heart, her pout and "I don't want to look like a boy mom" I gave her big hugs and told her that she will always be beautiful. What else can a mom do?

AFter Mom's trim to balance it out.

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    20 comments on “Tragedy Hits Again”

    1. oh my dear!! you are right, she will always be beautiful and her hair will grow out again! i can't believe she cut off soooo much! the last picture makes me want to cry, she looks so sad!

    2. oh my dear!! you are right, she will always be beautiful and her hair will grow out again! i can't believe she cut off soooo much! the last picture makes me want to cry, she looks so sad!

    3. oh klai, we love you!! you are beautiful no matter what length your hair is! her sad face in that last picture actually brought a tear to my eye.

    4. oh klai, we love you!! you are beautiful no matter what length your hair is! her sad face in that last picture actually brought a tear to my eye.

    5. i am sad because i called her stephen. i said "hey steve"......"dad im not steve" she replied.
      i said well steve is a boys name and that is what you look like.
      I am very mean, but i was tired of this happening and made a rash decision. I later apologized and gave lots of hugs, but man im tired of this game............i threatened with the clippers, until i saw that she had already done it to herself and did not need my style help.
      da mean dad

    6. oh dear Klai, not again! we love your long pretty hair that makes you look like a princess. no more scissors!

    7. WOW. i am sure she will look cute once that hair dries. i mean, she is still cute, but that pouty face makes her look so sad.
      was this the playdate she was at while i was on the phone with rach???

    8. So sad, but I know how klai feels when people told me I looked like a boy!! They still do when they see old photo's of me, but hopefully klai wont remember this in a few years. But she is still the adorable klai that we all love and hair DOES grow back!! I guess I am lucky that I will only have boys cause i dont need to worry about it them cutting their hair.

    9. Oh, I can only imagine! I hate cutting my child's hair and he IS a boy! But everyone is right, even her precious curls can't change that she is still stunningly beautiful.

    10. There must be that ceative talent expressing itself through a tool that can surely be creative. I remember another child who tried to carve out a pattern in a bedspread. Hair will grow again!! That is the cutest pout I ever saw. Could just hug her! You handled that so well Rachel

      Have a great Valentines Day! And Happy Birthday, Jase

      Love you all. Gigi

    11. hahahahaha...I am soooo peeing my pants right now! I don't know which is funnier...the fact that she cut her hair again after the former fe-mullet incident, or the fact that the last picture looks like a slightly older picture of Teddy! In fact, you should add a link to my blog so people can see the true resembalance. I am laughing so hard that I am dying! hahahahahahaha....

      Well, if it makes her feel better, if she were my kid, I probably would have freaked out so much that I would have just shaved her head to teach her a lesson...I guess that is just another reason that I do not have girls. hahahahaha

    12. Ok you can NOT start out the way you did, I was so worried! Glad to know we were just dealing with hair although it is still a sad story.

    13. Klai is soooo cute, we feel so sad for her. We did get a laugh from it and from "da mean dad" though. She is still absolutely beautiful!!! Always will be! Let her know that Emily's hair was that short a few months ago (it just hasn't grown it yet!!!!....still waiting for it) and it's gotten much longer now!


    14. Goodness gracious me. Oh dear. Fast forward 3 years and you've got a picture of Shae. She's a doll no matter what.

    15. ha ha ha! The tail part especially made me laugh and what Jase said about calling her Steve! You two are much calmer than I would have been. I might have gone the shaving route like Erin suggested.

      Oh well, at least it will grow. Hopefully quickly. And she still has her cuteness no matter what.

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