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Good and Bad

So lately I've been feeling extremely large (for my weeks). And I've been much more uncomfortable than usual, so I checked with my doctor and she said I was measuring a little too big for my weeks. She scheduled an ultrasound for me Tuesday. I am excited and a little scared. She assured me that there is nothing to be worried about. I like her. She did mention that there is a possibility that I could have more than one...AAAHHHH. Exciting?!!! Scared?!! Both?!!!!

Well we shall see, wish us luck!!!

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    10 comments on “Good and Bad”

    1. fun! you'll get your dream of having twins if it's twins! maybe your body is just so used to having babies it's just popping out early! can't wait to hear if it is twins! did they see anything on your first appointment? i've always had an ultrasound and they check for that. i guess they don't always know. twins would be crazy but so fun once the crazy stage ended:D i'm rambling. keep us posted!

    2. ok, i just had to add that i really hope it's twins! they'd be soooooo cute!!!!!!!!! one will be cute too but twins would be so fun b/c most likely they'd be identical since i don't think twins run in either side of your family - or do they?

    3. WHAT?!?!?!?! Oh my, i don't even know what to say. If anyone can do twins i's you, that's all I can say. Can't wait till Tuesday to find out.

    4. I just googled this, and here's what I got,
      "The factors affecting fraternal twin births are clearer with the chance of a woman giving birth to fraternal twins doubling once she reaches the age of 35. Other predisposing factors include race (with those of west African decent more likely to have twins), height and weight (with those above average more likely to conceive twins) and if the mother has had several pregnancies before, or is herself the offspring of a fraternal twin. Here are some interesting statistics on the topic of twin inheritability. A woman who has a fraternal twin is two and a half times more likely to give birth to twins than someone who does not have such a twin. Someone who has given birth to fraternal twins is three to four times more likely to have another set of fraternal twins. A woman who is an identical twin, however, is no more likely to conceive twins than anyone else." In the case of identical twins, there is no "running in families," etc. So now you know all there is to know.

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