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Trade is a wonderful thing. I love it. We learned the many benefits of trade from Jase's parents and I greatly appreciate them for it. Especially out here in Laie where things can get pretty expensive it is a blessing to be able to have the option of trade. Awhile ago we had our great friend, Natalie Norton, take our family photos last year before Christmas...and she did it on trade. So for the lovely service of professional photos, Jase did some handy work on their house.

Although Jase is such a wonderful handyman and has fixed up our house lovely and for very cheap....he does not do extensive Electrical. I actually won't let him, he gets shocked TOO much. So for a year now that we have lived in our front house 1/2 my kitchen has not worked. The kitchen light and a whole wall of outlets. Jase tried with a construction friend to figure it out and couldn't. We've been meaning to call an electrician but they can be very pricy.....Well one of our friends has been interested in buying a house and Jase gave them all the info they need to get started. FHA info, cost, etc.

They were so greatly appreciative of his info that they offered to take care of our electrical problems. Her husband is a great electrician and Voila we have light.

I cannot tell you how much I am excited to be able to use my counter and the outlets, also that there is light in my kitchen. I LOVE TRADE!!

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    4 comments on “TRADE”

    1. I need that over here in utah...know any landscapers? but then again...what would I be able to offer...hmmm....gotta think about that one.

    2. your hubby does have hidden talents - who knew - mr fix it! you two are awesome! love you

    3. that is wonderful!! jase is such a handy man and i never would have guessed it - i think it's the motivated frugal side of him that has taken over and made him so handy - he is willing to learn anything (and becomes pretty good at everything) i'll be thinking of some talent or skill i have so i can trade with you guys - because there are so many things you do well that i would just love to take advantage of...time to ponder!

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