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Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a day that people love or don't love so much. I have become to love it so much. This year Klai made me a nice card with a coupon for a free Massage from her. I was excited for that. She also was extra helpful throughout the whole weekend, always asking how she can help out. That was the best gift. Sunday came and I expected my usual homemade lei that Jase makes for me each year. I love it. And after that I didn't expect anything else, ok maybe an extra nap this day. Well our day was nice at church and I did get my extra nap after church. As the day went on, the kids took their nap and then Jase gets a call from a friend saying that his car broke down and we need to pick him Kapolei. If you know where that is, it is far far away. Well I told Jase just to go by himself so I can take another nap. But he said hey lets get our friends Jackie and Chris to come and watch the kids and we'll take a nice Sunday drive. I did not want to go. I was so tired, I just wanted to stay home. He convinced me after much pleading for us to be alone on a drive. So grumpily I went. As we got closer and was looking for the right turn off, Jase of course takes the wrong one. He took the Ko'olina resort exit, so I'm thinking great now we have to turn around and waste more time. But as we got to their gate, he says we're staying for the night to the guard. I was so SURPRISED!!! What a gift!!! I was laughing, and then felt guilty for being grumpy, and then super excited to have this night!!! Wowzers!! He set the whole thing up weeks ago. OUr good friends Jackie and Chris stayed the night and watched our kids...they are amazing!! I have not been surprised like this before from Jase. WAHOO!!

So we check in and we head to the room. Well of course Jase with his way with people, he chatted with the receptionist and she gave us an upgrade for little more. And this is what we got.

The foyer of the suite. Yes there is a bathroom to the right there.

As you leave the foyer to the left was the sitting room with a t.v. and a balcony.

Turning to the right of the foyer is the bedroom with another balcony.

The huge bathtub in the huge bathroom. It had a seperate toilet, shower, two sinks and a walk-in closet. GOODNESS!!

At first seeing this I was so worried, about the price. Jase explained he got us a KamaAina price and then she upgraded us to the suite for super cheap. But our store hasn't been doing so good and Jase's deals haven't gone through yet, so I was really worried that we were spending money we didn't have. WEll thanks to Pres. Bush, this night was on him. We got our stimulus check and we used some of it on this night.

What a fun night. We took so many baths, we had to use it as many times as we could. We went out for a nice dinner, and then had another bath with bubbles and jets. The next day we went to the pool and relaxed down there. It was funny because we both got stir crazy, not having to watch kids and such. But we lasted an hour by the pool, before we decided to have another spa tub. And then we checkout before lunch. What a relaxing day.

So here is a brief tour of the sitting room / balcony.

And another tour of the large bathroom.

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    7 comments on “Mother's Day”

    1. so much fun! glad you enjoyed the time away! a good long date is always a good idea! love you

    2. Hooray, that is the best gift ever! Especially being prego and tired (always tired, right!)I'm so proud of him, way to go Jase and hooray for J& C for loving you and your kids enough to help out for such a great deserve it!

    3. I was so excited for you- glad you enjoyed your surprise! Thanks for sharing it with your readers!

    4. I still can't get over the fact that we stayed in that same room. RANDOM!!

      I'm so glad you had fun and that you were able to stop using Richie's name in vain when you learned that his car really didn't break down all the way out in Kapolei. And FYI if that ever happened, we'd ride the bus before we'd make anyone come out and pick us up!!

    5. you deserve every bit of that...and more! i'm glad you guys had so much fun and that you were totally surprised! jackie and chris are so nice to watch your kids! jase is such a thoughtful fun husband! go jase!

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