Rachel Bennett

Uncle Joe's

We enjoyed Uncle Joe's Property, we had a blast!!

We mainly went to Fish, which was uneventful. But the girls loved it.

They felt so cool to be able to use their own rods(thanks to grandpa).

Rykel felt like a big kid with Uncle Joe's help.

Our next fun adventure, was of course the ZIP line!! Only the big kids did this and we had a blast!! (scroll for the movie of PREGO goes ZIPPY!!)

Of course the kids thought we were cool, OH that's C - for COOL!!

While Uncle Joe and Daddy explored the other side of the river, the kids and I took the Golf CArt and explored the property. We found Sheep and LLamas at the neighbors property. IT was fun to chase them around.

When the big boys came back, we enjoyed the (man-made) mini lake. SHae found the grate the most interesting, and the things he could see.

Daddy showed the old men fish...shooting!! (it was only a pellet gun)

And of course the whole family on the golf cart. We had a blast!!! THANKS UNCLE JOE!!

She could not handle me having all the fun!

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    5 comments on “Uncle Joe's”

    1. That is way cool!! Im jealous. Im Glad that rach could do the zipline, That was great. Love you all

    2. Whoa. So glad you didn't go into labor on the zip line. hehe I LOVE zip lines.

      Cute pics. I think my favorite is Shae looking down the grate.

    3. prego goes zippy made my day! so funny! little wyatt man is going to love seeing that when he's older;)

      everyone needs an uncle joe in the family! maybe we should adopt him!

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