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MAN toots

Normally I would never discuss such issues on a blog. But when it starts out with a cute, little boy than I can't resist to blog about it. I also realized that I haven't blogged in AGES. So I am hoping this will tide you over for a little bit, while I find my the connector for my camera....OK back to MAN TOOTS!!

Like I was saying MAN TOOTS. My little Wy-man is having issues with gas. And I know that having 4 kids should give me some experience on what to do. But my other kids never had gas problems. I'm not sure if he is gulping and then getting too many bubbles. But sometimes he is super fussy after eating (even if he does burp) and then he may or may not burp.....but then sooner or later this boy lets them rip. He is a MAN tooter. I feel so bad for his little body to be tooting like a man. What can I do to help out our

Have you seen the show, so fun for the kids.

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    8 comments on “MAN toots”

    1. we had the same problem with Zander!! And I either would just burp him more often or I would "help" him out by pumping his legs, which both of those helped a lot!! It also has to do with what you eat! Taegan was always worse if I ate cheese, so I dunno those are what i realized with my boys. Poor little Wy. But im sure he is the cutest new born man tooter ;-D
      Love and miss you all

    2. OUr girls had gas issues when they were little....our pediatrician told us to use some mylicon to help and it really did help our kids. We just mixed it in with our formula, or just dropped some into their mouth right before feeding. It worked like a charm. BTW love the nickname...super girls loved that show!

    3. belated congratulations on your handsome little boy. Has he ever got a lot of hair! I hope you can solve his gas problem! Fruit is quite acid and may have something to do with it. You are both such great parents and we admire you Wish you llived closer - I would just love to pick him up and hug him, and all of you.

      My computer was down for a week or more, so this is my first glimpse of Wyatt. Love the name.

      Love you much!


    4. my shells bells is sooooo gassy - it wakes her up sometimes and she'll just let em rip and then she'll go back to sleep!!! i tried mylicon but to no avail (i tried with jorgs too but it didn't seem to help with him either). i just massage her tummy a lot and pump the toots out if she is sad from gas. it helps her so much and it 's fun massaging her tummy and talking to her (oh, and i do this thing where i squeeze right around her pelvis/below her belly button and that seriously moves the toots lower and ready to be pumped out...make sense???)...i think all of our kids are bound to have gas issues since both their parents are stinkers! 😉 good luck!

    5. Super Why is such a cute show! My kids love it. That's too bad about the tooties (as my kids call them). Mylicon drops saved us, too. Hopefully they'll work for him.

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