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The COOL things

Ok, so I know my blog sucks...I don't have pictures. We cannot find out card reader and so I am without anything COOL to show you. And there has been tons of cool stuff happening. Let me tell you some of the cool things that are happening, but you just can't see them: (ps - look for hidden movie quotes!!)

(snoopy represents the cool things that have happened, cause he is joe cool)

1 - Shae is getting all four k9's in at the same time....who wants a grumpy kid.
2 - Shae got a hair cute, yes his long beautiful blondness is gone!! But he is still our HANDSOME MAN.
3 - Wyatt rolled over for his first time a few days ago.Way to go Super Wy to the rescue!
4 - We went to the movies as a family..the first time in months..We saw IGOR, starring John Cusack...cute. EEEVVVVAAAAAAAA!
5 - The girls started Hula last week, RYkel gets the biggest grin while dancing and will wave constantly to make you see how cool she is. She has the best smile.
6 - Wyatt is sleeping atleast 6 hours each night...goodness he is my best sleeper yet!! I'm hoping for 8 hours in the next week. Go wyatt go wyatt!!
7 - Our Friend Mike from Utah is moving to Hawaii and so he is currently living under our patio in our tent!!
8 - We got to go swim in Prince Kuhio Hotel, while visiting our friend Maile Yuzon. Our 6 - 9 month friend that shows up every 6 - 9 months. We had a blast, from the past.
9 - Rykel's favorite thing to say when she is upset..."no don't count!" usually because I am counting to make her little legs go faster...she doesn't do well under pressure. go johnny go go go!
10 - We have eaten almost all our Freezer meals and I am running out of new freezer meal any?!!

Ok I think 10 is a good update!! I hope you enjoyed the update and hopefully soon I will have pictures..who knows when...but some day soon!!

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    4 comments on “The COOL things”

    1. i saw super wy on tv this week for the first time and thought of you guys. i let jorgen watch it just because his little cousin is nicknamed after him (and because i needed him to be distracted while packing - especially since i packed up every last one of his toys today). and i love the new blog - so fun!

      way to go super wy for sleeping so great! and i miss my little hawaiian girly whirls. i want to see a video of ryk and klai doing the hula.

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