Rachel Bennett

I've Lost My Marbles

Yes I have lost my marbles. No not literally, because I don't own any, but if I had some I'm sure I would have lost those too. They say when ladies are pregnant they will loose a few brain cells while growing a baby.....SO WHEN DO I GET THEM BACK? I don't think they are ever coming back.

Last night we had a fun ladies craft night and a few ladies came. We worked on a few projects, but mostly chatted the night away. And so many times in our conversations I would start to tell a story and half way through COMPLETELY forget what the point of my story was...this probably happened atleast 4 times.

Goodness where are my marbles. I need them back to sound like a normal somewhat educated person. HELP!!

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    7 comments on “I've Lost My Marbles”

    1. My sister (mother of four) says that you do lose more with each child and no...you never get them back. At least half the world understands, right? 😉

    2. lol rach its true, and your definitely not alone, I am ALWAYS forgetting stuff! i was on the phone with bren today and I started telling her something and I TOTALLY forgot about what I was saying, so im right there with you. Its ok we all still know your an intelligent person. and even if you weren't we would still LOVE YOU 😀 hahaha xoxoxoxxoxoxo

    3. Super cute blog background! I guess I haven't visited for a little while. I tend to forget since my google reader doesn't pick up your latest blog entries for some reason. Anyway, I think your marbles have ended up in the same hole where mine rolled to - which is who knows where!

    4. maybe we just all need to wait for Peter Pan to come back from Neverland with our little bags of marbles!

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