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Amazing moments

This week has been a difficult week. But today I have witnessed two Amazing Moments.

The first: Jase is attending the INternational Business Conference and learning lots. Well one of my favorite motivational speakers is there: Barbara Barrington Jones. I have listened to her speak for years, ever since Education Week when I was 14. Well Jase gave me his badge, he watched the kids and I got to go listen to her, in a small room of only 40 - 50 people. It was just Amazing. She spoke on The gifts of Women, topics from her new book. She really touched my heart, and comforted me on some things I have been very overwelmed about. THANK YOU Barbara and Jase. (if you have a chance, go get her book: The Incredible Gifts of Women.)

The 2nd Amazing moment today: I was cleaning my counter and noticed a trail of ants, well one of the ants had another with it. I looked closer to see that this one ant was carrying this (most likely dead) ant with its antenna (or so it looked like). It was really just intriguing to me to see an ant carry another ant with just its antenna...simply amazing. How much more do you think this ant could carry? How can he carry something so easily?

The 3rd Amazing Moment today: KISSES!! Shae is such a funny little boy. He is beginning to get more and more emotions, so when these negative emotions come he is likely to HIT! But soon after he will give hugs and kisses. And when ever he walks by his baby brother, he will withoutadoubt give him a kiss. I love it.

The 4th amazing moment is of course Wyatt! It's funny how a baby's cry can just get you so antsy, jittery, you just need to do something about it. Well sometimes, Wyatt can be very demanding. But the moment this kid SMILES, it makes it all better. AMAZING BABY SMILES. that is an amazing moment.
(I know this might not be a picture you keep because the eyes are closed, but I thought it was just so precious)

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    3 comments on “Amazing moments”

    1. eyes closed or open, that super wy is adorable! i'll definitely have to check out that book. glad you had an amazing day!

    2. What a darling smile! He is just the cutest thing!

      That is so great you were able to attend one of Sister Jones' talks. I remember hearing her during a Best of EFY conference at BYUH campus when we lived over in Mililani. She is such a great speaker.

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