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Well Monday's are always crazy!! Here is the madness:

Shae pooped on the ground...just a little tird, and YES I stepped on it. (GROSS)

Klai decided she wanted to play with a friend at the "BIG KID" playground instead of wait for Mom/Dad to pick her up. (playground is on other side of school) So when Dad went to pick her up, she was no where (close) to be found. So Dad & friend's Mom run around school looking for lost child. I called all other moms that MIGHT have picked her up (for some strange reason). But no one of course did. Klai's friends Mom found them on Far side of school. SCARY MOM MOMENT!

Rykel has been very SNEAKY lately. Today I caught her sneaking Shae's Poo Poo treats (chocolate chips). Yesterday we had Candied Yams, she was taking a long time finishing the yam part. So as the rest of us were cleaning up, she was at the table SUPPOSIDLY eating the yams. Well I finally notice that she was pulling all the marshmellows off of the rest of the yams in the pan. AAAHHH what to do with a SNEAKY child?!!

WYatt is always crazy. He is a moody baby that wants to eat RIGHT when he says, he is an escalator screamer right when he's tired. BUT when that child decided to SMILE....he melts your heart!! And he just began giggling......and it makes the Madness go away. Here it is:

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    2 comments on “Monday MADNESS”

    1. Wyatt’s little laugh is so adorable!!! Rykel is hilarious and I would have had a heart attack with the Klai incident, so glad she was safe.

    2. that is the cutest little giggle and laugh ever! he coos so so cute! moments like that make up for all the other stuff - we just have to remember them when all the other stuff happens (like poop underfoot, sneaky kids or disappearing - thankfully only for a few minutes - kids. You are right - the choice moments make it all worth while - such simple treasures!

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