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THIS WEEK HAS BEEN INSANE! KLAI and RYKEL had their elementary Christmas performance. Klai had her Hawaiian Hula and Tahitian Hula performance, and her Keiki Choir performance. Rach is wiped-out and im wasted as well. enjoy these vids and pics.

This is the Tahitian Hula. Sorry for the camera wiggle I had to climb over peeps to get a better angle.

This is klai giving it the shake! she is second.

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  1. jase

    yeah baby! you got the quickest shake in the pacific!!!!
    I love you klai!

  2. The Bennetts

    so much energy and personality packed inside this little cutie – no wonder she can shake with the best of them – this is just too adorable!

  3. brenley

    shake shake shake it klai! so cute! so funny. love it! that made my night!

  4. Kahilau

    Ok, she is one intense shaker! So fun! Thanks for the laughs!

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