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Adventures In BabySitting!!

Feb 4, 2008 | Family Life | 7 comments

Due to my lack of Camera ready hand I haven’t taken many Pictures, well These are a few that we have taken over the last Month. This is just some of the fun we have had.

Do you remember doing art projects like this in school when you were little? Well I used to love these activities, so we decided to try it out with the kids. Rykel loved the cutting, I glued with a glue stick and then she stuck it down. I did help out a bit, but she did a lot of it. So fun.

So every now and then when it gets really hot outside we go and play in the hose, and sometimes when Daddy is watering the trees in the front and if you walk by you can get a little wet.

We have designated Friday Nights as Family Movie Night, the kids love it, especially cause they get popcorn (smart pop). Klai loves helping SHae out and he thinks she is the funniest.

One of our favorite gifts for Christmas, was this great book of Tattoos that Shanda gave us. They are easy to go on, but stay on for a long time. So I thought it would be funny to put R-Y-K-E-L on Rykel’s belly. She loved it, and would show people her name for the weeks that her tattoo was on her belly. But thanks to the RYKEL song, she now knows how to mostly spell her name.

I often keep Shae on the inside of the doors and let him watch his sisters play outside, so this time we turned things around. He thought it was the greatest that I was stuck inside and he could laugh at me.

Just some fun adventures we have in BABYSITTING!!


  1. echo

    i just love rykels belly.

  2. Pop

    I love the pics of the kids. Thanks for sharing. I also love the new look of your blog page. Thanks for getting rid of the bug you had previously. It probably could have been used for fish bait or a more exotic nigiri sushi topping.

  3. The Bennetts

    i miss playing with your kidlets out there – i guess i miss playing with you older kids too (couldn’t bring myself to say adults – you are both wonderful big kids – i think i miss Haliewa Joes too! love you

  4. brenley

    i guess if ‘a little wet’ means getting totally soaked from head to toe then i wonder what getting drenched to you guys means? klai looks like she absolutely loves it!! i miss your kidlets!!

  5. Natalie.

    PS- I think our husbands are cheating on us. . . with each other.

  6. Laura

    I love Rykel’s belly picture!


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