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Valentine Birthday

Feb 15, 2008 | Birthdays, Celebrate | 8 comments

So through the years I have tried to throw a Surprise Party for Jase somehow, and successfully thrown one each year that we’ve been married. After much discussion with Jase, I decided Not to throw him a surprise party, but I needed to surprise him somehow.

So first we went golfing at the Kaneohe Bay Golf course, which was fun and short. It perfectly fit into our time schedule. We loved it.

Then after coming home and taking a mid-day nap, I sent Jase on a Scavenger hunt. Thanks to a few of our friends he ran all around Laie. And he ended up in the circle on Hale La’a. With Jackie’s help, I set up a table, chairs, and a nice dinner…that my momma taught me how to cook. ENCHILLADAS!! Which was also the first dinner that Jase ate at our house when we were dating…anyways, He loved it. I must say that he was embarrassed sitting there in the middle of the circle and having lots of people stare and honk at us. Also while sitting there, some kids that were selling a singing tellagram came and gave me carnations and sang,”when I get older, loosing my hair…” It was so cute and chereographed, they did a great job. I loved it, I loved that I surprised him once again and that people will be talking to him about this special dinner for weeks to come.

And when we finally arrived home, Jase had a surprise for me. A beautiful Yellow rose with gummy mini frogs as the base in the vase. What a special day.

Well that was our special Birthday & Valentine’s Day, I hope yours was as special as ours!


  1. echo

    happy birthday jase! what a cool wife you have. she is the best!!

  2. brenley

    how creative and fun! you two are so thoughtful and are always full of ideas. happy birthday and valentines day to you!! miss you guys!

  3. Unknown

    glad your plans went so well! looked like a fun day!

  4. Molly Bea

    Rach, you are so creative, way to go! Happy Love day!

  5. The Bennetts

    you are not supposed to make me cry! love you guys!

  6. us*limes

    no wonder he didn’t answer my “happy birthday” phone call. he was BUSY.
    how fun, though. and he is such a good sport to enjoy doing stuff like that. and rach, to think of that. cool. happy b-v day jase!

  7. Leslie

    How awesome! I’m so impressed with how creative you two are. I think the table out there for all to see rocks! You are inspiring me to TRY and think of something cool for Troy’s big day. If it weren’t freaking freezing here I’d probably just copy your idea.

  8. sanaejames photography

    How cute! Wish I was there to honk at you two!!! YOu are always so fun and creative!


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Rachel is a vlogger and stay-at-home mom! When she's not filming fun videos for the "Ohana Adventure" and the "Rach Bennett" channels, she is sharing amazing lifestyle, travel, parenting, and homeschool tips here on the blog.

Jase is an entrepreneur, surfer, skater, fisherman, and the best dad ever! When he’s not creating silly Reels (@jasebennett), you can find him sharing adventures on the blog & great entrepreneurial tips on his podcast: The Decode.


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