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Where Does She come From?

Feb 23, 2008 | Family Life | 9 comments

Ok, so Friday Nights consist of games, movies, and getting crazy with Daddy! Well it starts out fun and exciting, tickling and giggling!!

Then Playing jump on or over Daddy!

Then the real giggles start when she sits on Daddy’s face and…………tooots!!

Then she just can’t stop giggling when she toots on daddy again!

Now I am unsure where this behavior came from…we all know that her parents would have never taught her this!! And we all know that Bennett and Calabio women do NOT do anything of this matter!! hee hee hee hee hee hee!! Ok We all know that she inherited many traits from her aunties and uncles….and maybe mom or dad!


  1. brenley

    especially from her auntie bren who loves to play games of that kind:D so cute! love the headband too:D

  2. echo

    it is good to know that the hatch family is not alone in finding humor in this sort of thing. this is something unheard of in the allred home.

  3. us*limes

    her hair looks cute!
    maybe it IS in the genes. k did that to E too. and they think it is SO funny.

  4. i'm erin.

    ohhhhh my little boy/girl klai…I know where the tooting came from. If it looks like a duck it toots like a duck…get it?!?

  5. kenzie

    aunts and uncles???? ha ha ha if I remember right, rach and jase were just barely dating and already playing those games!!! And Bren can testify that jase always tortured us (his younger sisters) in that kind of way, so i would say that she got it first hand from her wonderful parents!! Way to go klai, keep on gettin him for me, its pay back bro 😀 he he he

  6. The Bennetts

    there is DEFINITELY no maybe when it comes to inheriting her sense of humor & fun from her mom & dad. you younger generations are ALL warped. Nothing at all in this department came from any of us more dignified grandparents! hehe

  7. Natalie.

    Just FYI, whenever she comes to our house we have mad “how to fart on Daddy’s head” training sessions. I’m so sorry! I thought you knew!!!

  8. Nikki

    I am relieved to know (no pun intended) that mine isn’t the only little girl with such a sense of humor.


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