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Joint Birthday

Apr 11, 2008 | Birthdays, Celebrate | 8 comments

We had a combined birthday get together with Jacob and Rykel. All the Auna cousins came over and we had some great food and yummy cake. Rykel was super excited to have candles to blow out. I like to think that Jacob enjoyed his candles shaped into a 22.

After good food, candles and cake we played games. We played Cranium and Boggle. I must say that Jacob has a different vocabulary. But I learned some new words from it: SAOS (sauce w/pigin accent), SOAS (so-us), and much more. It was a F-U-N night.


  1. kenzie

    Do I see guava cake??? SO JEALOUS I am literally watering at the mouth seeing that yummy cake. umm rach this is bad can you imagine the first thing I think of when you mentioned the name Jacob????? lol

  2. kenzie

    it looks like Rykel had a fun birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYKEL we miss you love you all

  3. The Bennetts

    yup – RUDE – pictures of guava cake – oh well, Rykel deserves it for her birthday – love you all!

  4. Unknown

    Happy Birthday Rykel!

  5. Pop

    Wow! Birthday party with guava cake! I like some? It looks like a great party with all that family, friends, good food, and guava cake. We miss you all and the guava cake. Again, Happy Birthday to Rykell and Jacob.

  6. brenley

    fun, i’ve been waiting for pictures from rykel’s bday! she is getting so old! and you had guava cake huh! my favorite. someone from our ward brought guava cake to our last relief society enrichment and it was sooo good and i was reminded of my sweet brother and his family in paradise! miss you all!

  7. Natalie.

    I blogged Rykel’s birthday. FYI. I can burn a disk for you if you want.


  8. sanaejames photography

    Guava cake…that is all I saw on your pictures. Nothing else. YUMmmmm…I am salivating at the mouth right now. I wish I knew how to make it…do you know the recipe at all?


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