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Apr 17, 2008 | Family Life | 17 comments

Have you ever played that game, Mad Gab. I love it. We love to play games. So here is one for you:

Wier hov inga bay bee Eats abb Oye!!!

hee hee hee!!


  1. Molly Bea

    Congratulations! I’m way excited for you guys, how perfect!

  2. us*limes

    yay! you were right! sweet shae will have a brother to wrestle with!

  3. The Bennetts

    woohoo – congrats – love it love it – only jase can be annoying when he is always right – i guess you have to live with it – congrats love you

  4. brenley

    yeah, i agree with my mom – it’s kind of annoying how jase is always right! i wish i had that gift so i could predict my future too:D I’M SO EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS! two boys, two girls….both have best friends! so fun!!!

  5. kenzie

    Congrats Congrats. So exciting. Zander will have a buddy to play with when we move to hawaii hahaha lol ;D love you all very exciting

  6. Laura

    YAY, Shae and Jase will have a new buddy! How did Jase call this one? Unbelievable, congrats you two! I’m so excited.

  7. brenley

    it’s not just ‘how did jase call THIS one.’ it’s how does jase call EVERY ONE!

  8. jase

    ok ok i will quit giving it away! hahahahahahaha

    I dont try to be annoying, i just “listen”
    love you all

  9. Unknown

    Congrats guys- good guess Jase! So now for the name…

  10. echo

    yeah!! congrats!!

  11. i'm erin.

    I don’t get why it says we hovering a baby that eats a boy?!? Is that a wierd way of saying you are having a boy? hahahaha…congrats!

  12. i'm erin.

    I don’t get why it says we hovering a baby that eats a boy?!? Is that a wierd way of saying you are having a boy? hahahaha…congrats!

  13. Natalie.

    oh how funny, how funny, how funny!

    Congrats again! Boys are really cool if I do say so myself.

    Is that a real game? If so, Richie and I want in on the action. Let’s have a poor people date and play it together!

  14. sanaejames photography

    CONGRATS!!!Perfect…two girls and two boys now! AWESOME AWESOME…We are so happy for you guys!

  15. Molly Bea

    I say Hayden…not only does it rhyme with my son’s name it sounds better with bennett

  16. kenzie

    isn’t it something like Haeden/Hayden (however you are going to spell it) whyatt (then a hawaii name) Bennett??? I love that you and I kept with the two middle names. But yours are cool because you have the hawaiin background 😀 SO cute. Cant wait to find out.

  17. Leslie

    Hooray! That is so exciting – I love the whole even stevens thing with kids. Shae will be such an awesome big brother to a new baby boy.


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