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May Day Celebration

May 2, 2008 | Family Life | 7 comments

May Day is a big day in Hawaii. Most schools do a celebration performance, especially the grade schools. Last year we came to watch George Summerill do a great job for his 1st grade class. This year was our turn. Klai performed with her Headstart/Preschool Class. The theme this year was: This is Polynesia.

This is the preschool classes, teachers preparing all the children.

Our only closeup of Klai, sorry it’s kinda blurry.

Klai’s teacher said she loved how Klai was so expressive and outgoing in the song, so she got to sit upfront.

Klai as they are leaving giving the SHAKA!!

Here is some of her performance, can you hear her say “Pasi.” ???


  1. jase

    Sorry for the panaram I thought i could show how everybody went holoholo today.
    WE filled the PCCto the max, and that was in the middle of the day. Does anybody work out here?
    but we do anything to support our keiki!

  2. jase

    klai you are a STAR!

  3. The Bennetts

    momentous day i think – Klai’s first performance on the PCC stage! she looks great – such a cutie! she is a natural performer! love you

  4. brenley

    that is so stinkin adorable!!! she looks soo cute in her outfit and her hair looks so cute i think – she can pull off any hairdo! oh, i miss that little one! what an event!!!!

  5. Chris & Jackie Kontoes

    Whenever I see Klai with short hair I truly believe that she is Sharon, who met her sister Susan at camp and chopped off her hair to match her long lost twin so that they could pull a fast one on their parents and hopefully get their parents back together again…..but Jase and Rach never split up so this must be the wrong story?

  6. kenzie

    Way cute. Klai was amazing. She is so wonderful. And the short hair looks great (sorry C&JK but klai is a 100 times better looking then that girl in that movie) lol. Thanks for posting all those wonderful pictures of klai and the movie. loved it.

  7. Leslie

    I’m a little sad I couldn’t make it out there for May day like last year. I remember Emily sitting on the steps watching it with Klai, Rykel, and Henry and they were all so mesmerized. Now Klai is the STAR!


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