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Fruit & Veggies

May 22, 2008 | Family Life | 12 comments

So living in Hawaii can get pretty expensive. So because of that we probably haven’t been eating the best, fruits and veggies are one the more expensive items. Well I remembered when living at home that my mom was part of a veggie co-op. And she would get a great variety of fruits and veggies for a good price. Well I started to investigate info for myself. I found the number to a wholesaler who supplies our local grocery store. Well after chatting with some friends, I decided to start. Before I made my first order my group size grew from 6 – 11. I guess I’m not the only one who is suffering from expensive veggies. Well I love it, and I think others in the group love it too. For not a bad price we get a great variety of fruits and veggies.

Here is what it looks like on the day we pickup. Our kitchen gets stuffed!!




Bell Peppers



Romaine Lettuce



  1. jase

    man that makes me want to bite into a freshly grown something! They are sooo good im salivating all over my shirt!

  2. i'm erin.

    yummy…If I still lived there, i would be a part of your group too. ummmm…is that the tueller’s house? I recognize the cabinets and pristinely cleaned floors.

  3. sanaejames photography

    what a grrreat idea!!!!! You are so great at coming up with great ways to cut costs! Way to go!

  4. Unknown

    We’re loving for sure- thanks guys!

  5. Damaris @Kitchen Corners

    You are so awesome. this is a totally great idea. I am proud of you! I {heart} co-ops! I started a babysitting co-op I should think about a food co-op

  6. Damaris @Kitchen Corners

    I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to tell my friend Mariko about your co-op. I’m sure she would want to join. I hope it’s not exclusive.

  7. Rach

    Damaris I would love to help Mariko, but we are full for having 11 people in it. But if she wants to start her own I have info for her to help her.

  8. brenley

    that is a fabulous idea!!! i’m glad you’ll all be getting more fruits and veggies now! they all look so yummy!

  9. Rach

    Hey Erin.
    That is our kitchen…….hahahahaha.
    thanks for the compliment.

  10. The Price Family

    I am truely interested. Last month all we had was organic food and all the wonderful veggies california can provide so we come back here and realize asparagus is $8. What a scam. Hawaii does not want you to buy good foods. So I am interested in this little thing you got going here. hahah let’s talk !!!

  11. Nikki

    wish I had a pristinely looking kitchen floor with such lovely cabinets. hehe

    That’s awesome that you started a veggie co-op. I regret that we didn’t get any planting done this year. Now the only thing our garden is producing is chives. But they are yummy on potatoes, eggs, and lots of stuff. You inspire me to be healthier. 🙂

  12. Leslie

    You are so industrious! Is that the right word? Anyway, you know what I mean – I’m totally impressed you would get a group together to do that – awesome!


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