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Productive MOM vs. Active MOM

Jul 16, 2008 | Family Life | 3 comments

Ok so recently I have had some pre-laborness…but NO baby yet. And of course that makes me think of all the things I need to get done before the baby arrives. Now I know that when I get into “productive / work” mode I am not as patient as I should be. I love to do things for the kids; projects, crafts, parties, all sorts of things. But I was finding myself doing things FOR them and not WITH them. Well yesterday and today I decided I will play WITH them instead of letting them play and trying to get things done while they are busy…which doesn’t really work anyways. We had FUN!! who knew that playing with playdough could really be fun for an adult, or making bead jewelry could inspire some giggles and laughs. Well I want to give a shout out to those that make being a MOM really FUN…my kids:

I love KLAI!! crazy funny klai (as her friends would call her), i love hearing that her friends think that she is so funny. They say she always makes them laugh..I love that she inherited Jase’s humor. She is definitely a preformer, but also loves to let others enjoy in her fun. She is my BIGGEST helper and loves to be a little mommy. I love KLAI.

SHAE-Man, this is his smile, when I ask him to smile. He is such a doll, a great kid. I love that he loves to climb into bed when its bedtime, loves to give kisses and says byebye when he needs to sleep. He is getting more and more personality and is finding the littlest things to be humorous to him. I love that he loves to play with Klai and thinks she is so funny, his hearty belly laugh is the best to hear. He loves to also play dressup with the girls…(even wear princess shoes)….don’t pass that along. He will even say sorry when he hits and gives big hugs and kisses. Most of all I love that he is my momma’s boy.

And our special RYKEL. Lately I’ve been having hard times with this one. I don’t know if it is her age (her 2’s that go into 3’s), her middle-child lack of attention or what, BUT i get most frustrated with her. But I know that she is my ANGEL!! She will tell me atleast 5 – 10 times aday “I love you momma!” Out of know where. She will run up and give me hugs and kisses just because she hasn’t seen me in the last 5 minutes. She will sit for hours and read(look at pictures) her books. She is always wanting to give hugs to those that are hurt. I love my RYKEL!!
Ok so this picture is her floating in the PG pool in Utah, just wanting to be by herself.

So in answer to my own post Productive mom is good..between the hours of 8pm – 11pm. But Active MOM is best all day long!! I love being a mom and I hope that I can be more nad more active with each kid.


  1. The Bennetts

    your kids are each so individual and special – love them and miss them so much – they should be awesome kids – they have awesome parents!

  2. brenley

    how good it is to reflect on your children and remember how special they are! it’s hard to do when they go through stinker moments! i love it when i finish a day being the active mom! it feels good and on those days i realize that both my kids were happy almost the entire day. when i’m ‘productive mom’ jorgen tends to have more breakdowns! can’t wait for little man wyatt to enter this world! get lots of rest!


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