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Wyatt Ray has arrived….on the fly!

Aug 6, 2008 | Family Life | 14 comments

Rach decided it was time to go to the Hospital. We did what we “needed” to do to keep the contractions consistent enough for them to admit rach. We had finally gotten the Ok to go. Our sitter arrived, we drove down (while testing the limits of the road while hoping to get pulled over so I could lead them to the hospital….every husbands dream!!!!)
Once we got seated down, hooked up and ready to go we got a good little rest. A few hours later they said we will give you a bit of PIT (contraction speederupper) The contractions got closer and harder and finally Rach said give me and epidural. ( i mean GIVE ME AN EPIDURAL!!!!) The Nurse said you are at a 6cm. Rach said I need it NOW! 30 minutes later the anesthesiologist arrived and we sat Rach up on the side of the bed at the edge with her legs hanging over the side. He waited for the down time between contractions and then started to give her the “hook-up.” Then it started!!!!! She started screaming into my ears PRESSURE!!! I HAVE TO PUSH!!!!! The nurse then said” breath, relax, here it comes.” Then I hear “ YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!! I HAVE TO PUSH HERE HE COMES!!!” then the nurse screams “GET THE DOC HERE NOW!!!! HE AINT WAITIN!!! next I hear “MY WATER JUST BROKE EVERYWHERE!!! So I take a look down below and I see my sons ENTIRE HEAD sticking out!!!!!! We quickly put rach back on the bed and before you can say “Holy Entrails Batman” my entire son SHOT-OUT and landed on the bed in full scream. The only thing that stopped him from flying off the bed was the cord that was thankfully still in full connect! The Nurse did not have gloves on, neither did I. We were scrambling for the correct instruments to clamp the cord, clip the cord, and try to pick up the slippery screaming lil alien that just finished his violent waterpark ride onto the bed and into this world.
The anesthesiologist then gave her a squirt of calm juice……………A BIT LATE FOR THAT ONE SWEETNESS!
Our Little Wyatt Ray _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Bennett was born at 5:51am weighing in at 6lb 13oz and 20 inches long. He has dark hair, dark skin a cute wide nose and no cone up top at all!

He has a incubator around his head. and discolors his face a bit.
They are making sure his breathing is good because he came out so traumatically.

He looks like one of ours…(shae and I are the odd men out in this house.)


  1. Mr. Director

    Woo hoo! A child after Jase’s own heart! Gotta do everything by the seat of his baby-smooth butt. Wyatt, I mean. Congrats, you rad people.

  2. Pop

    Congrats to you all, da keikikane has arrived and it makes us very happy that all did go well. Da little moopuna finally arrived. We hope for a speedy recovery for Rachel, happy adjustment by the sista’s and bruddah. Aloha nui loa! from Mom and I.

  3. Unknown

    Congrats all! So adorable- Welcome Wyatt!

  4. Natalie.

    Yay! Yay! YAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! I can’t wait to hold him. . . and let’s just be honest, photograph him.

    We love you guys!

  5. Kahilau

    So, Mike called me from work and siad, “Rach had her baby! The story is awesome. I hope something like that happens to us!” Well my friends, can I just say, GIVE ME MY EPIDURAL!!!! NOW!!!! Ha ha. Rach you are a trooper. What a great story to tell, and I bet Jase will be the one telling it too… for YEARS!!! Love you guys! Congrats!

  6. echo

    yay!!! i am so glad. i can’t wait to meet this little fella.

  7. The Bennetts

    thanks for talking – loved the story – please write it all down in his memory book! photos too! he will love it when he’s older – i bet this one is going to be another speed monster! reminds me of someone else in a hurry – hmmmm…. can’t imagine who ……. oh yes – JASE! (maybe he’ll have the same high pitch too) good luck rachee – you are so awesome – love you

  8. Nikki

    I just love this story! I get chills when I re-read it. I’m so excited for you guys. 🙂

  9. Laura

    best description ever, I can hear the way Rach would have said all of that…wow…her womanhood has just raised 10 degrees Your little guy is so cute, congratulations!!!!!! Miss you guys

  10. Jesse

    Wow! What an exciting birth!!! He’s a cutie. Congratulations.


  11. Leslie

    That is the craziest birth story! Good thing at least Jase and a nurse were there. A little freaky but the upside is you didn't have to push for hours, right? I hope all goes well with RAch's recovery, baby's sleeping & nursing. He is so adorable!!! I'll let you get some rest before I call and bug you for the replay story. Love you guys!!!

  12. sanaejames photography

    WOW!!!! CONGRATULATIONS GUYS!!! Wyatt sure came out the Bennett way…with the “wow” factor and style!!! Love it…he will probably be just as crazy as good ‘ol Daddy Jase! That birth story will be the story to tell for years to come! Glad I didn’t have to experience it…but glad to hear that both mommy and baby are in one piece! Congrats again guys!!!

  13. Molly Bea

    hooray! congrats! I’m so happy for you. We’ve had RSV, so I haven’t been on here lately, but I am so happy for you and what a great story! I’m so excited for you guys…did I already say that?

  14. Love is all you need

    CONGRATS!!! Is that story for Real? Remind me to adopt the rest of my children so that doesn’t happen to me:) He is super cute I can’t wait to see him hopefully it will be soon!
    Love you guys!


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