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Count Your Blessings

Sep 18, 2008 | Family Life | 3 comments

Well through life I have been always taught to count my blessings. And lately there is NO shortage of blessings being handed out.

This past Sunday a new couple in our ward spoke on Gratitude. The Brother mentioned how he tries to write down 5 things that he is grateful for in his journal each night. How inspiring. I am making this a goal to either write 5 things in my journal each night, or if I don’t write to reflect in my prayers the 5 things I’m grateful for.
So for today, Here is my top 5:

1 – A Wonderful family that with encouraging words or thoughtful gifts have helped us keep the faith in our times of trials and need.

2 – 4 Fantastic Children that bring me joy each day. Klai with raising eyebrows tells me how she can write her letters faster than others. Rykel with her chubby cheeks will smile the biggest grin while saying she loves me. Shae’s enthusiastic yell at the passing trucks. Wyatt’s sweet spirit that makes me relax when I hold him.

3 – My amazing husband that loves me. Who will work hard all day to make money, comes home to help change diapers, takes the trash out on his way out the door to work at our store. And still has the energy to make me laugh with his silly puns.

4 – Co-ops and eating a full balanced meal.

5 – Sunny weather with a breeze.

What are your top 5 blessings for today?


  1. brenley

    that is one of the many things i LOVE about jase – he is always sooooo positive and always has time for his ‘silly puns’!

    my top five for today:
    1. my sweet and adoring husband who studies and works so hard for us and loves me for who i am!
    2. my amazing kiddos!
    3. doctors who helped shelley have sight
    4. my loving parents
    5. an infant eye patch (long story behind that one)

  2. Unknown

    John loved their talk! He wants to make a poster with “Take time to be Grateful ON PURPOSE” for our door!

  3. Laura

    1 Addie’s big smile when she woke up
    3- girl friends
    4- baby swings
    5- Kenny took the dogs out for me!!


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