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HOORAY for July

Sep 26, 2008 | Family Life | 7 comments

Ok, so I finally got my card reader and now I have to catch up on all the fun adventures that have happened in the last 3 months…AAAHHHH. Ok so here we go with July!!!

It starts with the 4th of July – Yeah for Fireworks…I know crappy picture!!

Then of course Klai’s birthday party – PRINCESSES of course!! One of my easiest parties to plan, and who could resist adorable little princesses.

Then we have Kid sandwiches!! Who doesn’t remember doing this as a kid…I sure do. I was always stuck in the middle.

In the HoTness of the summer, what is there to do?!! BUT turn on the sprinkler and run through it….even with clothes on!!

Another HOT day with sprinklers….of course one is bound to get cold…so it is best to warm up laying on the HOT wet cement!!

Near the end of July there is always the LAIE DAYS parade. But of course I left my camera at home. But in the parade, Klai joined the Keiki Chorus. Rykel actually rode with the Orgill’s and threw candy out. Jase drove the truck for Carol Phillips in her support crew. And so afterwards Jase got an extra shirt and this is all the pictures I got of the parade..I know LaMe.

The Best of Summer includes the BLOCK TOWER COMPETITION. The girls came in first place with their mini version of the Colosseum!! Way to go girls.

Our Favorite Late NIght game to play is WHERE IS SHAE??

Oh wait I found him!!

Now I know kids at this age 1 1/2 or 2 years love to put on ShOES. And our Shae is no different…except he likes to find ones with a little heal and some feathers. And hey why not add a little necklace and boa to go with it!!! hee hee, the girls have fun playing DRESS up your brother. Don’t worry people, Jase likes to have serious GUY time and plays trucks with Shae all the time.

This summer we started teaching Klai to ride her two-wheeler. She is slowly getting the hang of it, it’s actually our fault – we don’t always have the time to take her out and run with her.

But soon enough…she’ll get it. Goodness if I had a better camera you could see her “almost proud almost scared out of her mind” face that she is making.

And July ends with a few days of school for Rykel….yes she has started Pre-School/Headstart. I can’t believe she is that old. Look at her proud face, she has such the grin.

Again I want to apologize for any blurry photos, my camera is not that GREAT, and the operator (ok me) was not that fantastic either. Please feel free to donate to our “clearer pictures of the bennett kids” camera foundation. Send Cash or checks to our Moana home!! hee hee

OK phewwwwwww that was a lot of catching up to do. If you don’t see more in the next few days..its because I am still sorting and labeling the whole card that we just barely downloaded. But maybe come back each day to look at the July photos one day at a time!!!


  1. The Bennetts

    such fun activities and such cute kids!

    don’t worry about shae and the dress up stuff – just ask jase about lake powell and colored dental elastics

    i can’t believe how big the palms in your front yard are getting – WOW

    your kids are getting so big – miss you all!

    i have one request – when we get home i want a tutu sandwich! me in the middle and four kids!

  2. Kahilau

    So much going on. You guys have always been so good at filling up your days and taking advantage of every moment! Way to go! Your kids are beautiful. Just this morning Mike and I were talking about how we used to have conversations over the wall. I think my favorite was Ez always trying to get Klai to play with him. So funny. Miss you guys tons!

  3. sanaejames photography

    glad to catch up with you guys! SOunds like you guys have been having a lot of fun! Oh…and Jase’s eye looked GROSS!!! Hope he is doing better! Man…that got me thinking that I need to wear sun glasses. Anyway, our girlies miss your girlies…you sure you don’t want to move here and play?:)

  4. Laura

    I love the new pictures, Especially your little man in heels and beads! Priceless

  5. brenley

    cute, cute, and cute some more! i miss my hawaiian family!

  6. kenzie

    yeah, way cute pictures. Its ok tht they are blurry, we still know how adorable you all are. Love and miss you all xoxoxox

  7. Nikki

    My favorite picture has got to be one of the ones of Shae under the bed. I love ALL the pics actually! I can’t believe how big they’re getting.


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